I cani e i gatti provenienti dai nostri rifugi in Romania arrivano ogni settimana lungo tutto l’arco dell’anno a Milano per essere accolti dai nostri rifugi partners in Nord Italia.

Poiché la loro adozione è estremamente veloce, Save the Dogs non pubblica tutte le loro schede sul proprio sito web.

I quattrozampe che dovessero avere permanenza più lunga presso i rifugi ospitanti vengono pubblicizzati nell’album “I cani e i gatti di STD in cerca di casa” della nostra pagina Facebook.

Se siete alla ricerca di un cane o di un gatto, microchippato e testato contro le principali malattie, vi invitiamo a contattare il rifugio più vicino a voi.

Grazie per il vostro interessamento!

Clicca qui per leggere le regole per le adozioni in Italia.

Statistiche adozioni

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1. Save the Dogs has decided that only PUPPIES, three months and a half old and up, and SMALL-SIZED DOGS, the most requested size by dog pounds located in the Centre and North of Italy, will be brought to Italy. STD has chosen not to transport larger dogs given the dramatic situation of many dogs in Italy which, in view of their size, don’t find adoptive families.

2. All dogs come from our shelters in Cernavoda and Medgidia and are carefully VACCINATED against the main diseases (3 polyvalent vaccines for puppies and 2 for adults) and, naturally, against rabies in accordance with European law (a minimum of 21 days prior to departure).

3. All the dogs have CHIPS and EUROPEAN PASSPORTS: at airport customs, upon departure and arrival, the dogs’ travel paperwork and conditions of transport are checked.

4. All the dogs are SPAYED/NEUTERED, including puppies more than 4 months old. Save the Dogs is absolutely opposed to the fact that animals are able to reproduce in Italian dog pounds, something that unfortunately happens. Each puppy that is born takes away a family from a dog already born and waiting for adoption.

5. By using the Snap Test Iddex, all the dogs are tested for five of the most important mosquito and tick-borne diseases: Cardiopulmonary Filariasis, Ehrlichiosis, Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis and Leishmaniasis. On each dog’s passport test date and results are indicated.

6. STD has chosen to transport the dogs from Romania to Italy exclusively by AIR using its volunteers and staff as escorts (in rare cases trips by car are allowed when volunteers have a car and are able to accompany 2 or 3 animals to Italy after a period of volunteer stay at our shelters in Romania). The dogs have shown that they are able to tolerate very well travel in the cargo hold and the short flightime allows the dogs to spend the least amount of time possible in their cages (2 hours and 15 minutes). STD HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ITALIAN DEALERS WHO SELL PUREBRED PUPPIES, transporting them using vans from Romania and Hungary in order to sell them in pet stores throughout Italy. On the contrary, the Association stands with ENPA and those associations that chiefly fight to stop this tragic business which results in the death and exploitation of thousands of innocent animals each year.

7. The transport of the animals is ENTIRELY PAID FOR BY STD, which does not recieve reimbursement from the associations or the Italian families. Those who adopt a Romanian dog at one of our partner shelters/dog pounds can make a donation to that association in accordance with each individual establishment’s rules. These donations can, at least, cover costs incurred during this transit period.

8. STD does all possible to select the dogs for travel to Italy with respect to their personalities. Nevertheless, it is possible that puppies may begin to manifest behavioural problems in the months following their arrival. Unfortunately, this is something the Association simply cannot envisage beforehand.

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