In the past few years our association has been frequently confronted with dramatic situations involving workhorses in those towns where we lead our main activity.

With the acquisition of some land in the surroundings of Cernavoda, and by developing collaboration with the authorities, STD became the main and preferred point of contact whenever atrocities and abuses against these magnificent animals were discovered. These situations became so frequent that the number of requests for our intervention either to help or – unfortunately-, to euthanize these unfortunate horses due to physical exhaustion have grown, just as the number of the reports about horses abandoned to starve or freeze to death in the middle of the winter.

The involvement of STD has grown, and today we have 12-15 horses found on the country roads and saved from cruelty and abandon.

Two of these horses are in the care of one of our veterinarians, while the other animals are kept in two stables built as part of the centre Footprints of Joy, right next to the other 3 stables, the home of little donkeys. These animals are in the care of STD thanks to the long-distance adoptions from Italy, Monaco and Scandinavia, and these adoptions cover some of the costs the association has.

Besides the care of these horses which are now our permanent guests, STD also launched a home assistance project together with Finnish partners of the “Friends of Homeless Dogs” organization in 2012-2012. With the help of a small mobile facility, dozens of horses, owned by people living in the villages nearby Cernavoda have received blankets for the winter, food, free medical attention and other necessary services the owners cannot provide because of financial difficulties. This home assistance project also provides the owners with a better understanding on how to care for their horses, as these animals are usually treated by traditional and not at all scientific methods, which are – apart from being inadequate and not at all recommended -, are also considered as being harmful.

In 2012 we have received a substantial contribution from the newly founded American association Horses on the Death Row, which has decided to join our program, and to provide financial support in order to help horses, and also to improve the conditions we are offering to these animals. We are grateful to the association of “Friends of Homeless Dogs”, also to the “Horses on Death Row”, not only for their substantial contribution to this project but also for the faith in us.

The future program of STD includes the building of a new barn (which will allow the saving of thousand of Euros by allowing us to store the forage bought on an advantageous price) and also of a new stable which is destined to replace one of the old ones that has become too small and inadequate for the horses we have here.

It is possible for you to make your contribution to this project by making a donation using the “project for horses” logo.

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