Her story moved so many of our supporters even if unfortunately this is one of the many dramatic events that involve working horses in Romania. Eugenia was forced to work despite the serious state of malnutrition and leg problems, tumbled down because of fatigue and hunger. After a call from the police, the local staff of Save the Dogs became involved by asking the owner to remove the animal painlessly, in awful conditions. Given the refusal of the owner, who was fined and charged by the police for abuse, the only option left was to save the animal, buying it. With around 50 euro we liberated Eugenia from the cart to which she was tied, taking her to the shelter.
After a few days with anti-inflammatory and antibiotic treatment it was clear that the poor animal could recover and it was decided to review the case before transferring her to the Cernavoda shelter. A few days ago the transfer was done as these photos show and Eugenia stays at the last box that was free in the beautiful stable created last autumn – with the help of the Scandinavian partners and some private supporters. Unfortunately, Save the Dogs doesn’t have the funds necessary to create a second stable and to treat other horses in need, even if there is a lot of space on the land bought on the hills.
To further learn about the situation of working horses in Romania, we recommend you visit this section of the Save the Dogs website or visit the YouTube channel of Save the Dogs and the playlist dedicated to equines in Romania. To finance first aid activities in favor of Save the Dogs horses, you can donate indicating: “First Aid Horses”.

Click here to see all the photos of Eugenia in Cernavoda new shelter.

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The Rom Gipsy Community in Medgidia utilizes hundreds of horses to work in the transport of waste material.
Unfortunately none of these animals gets enough food or enough health assistance and as a consequence they die young and in pain.

The last occurrence was last April 13 when the local police contacted Save the Dogs to help one horse struggling to get up after collapsing on the ground and being beaten by the owner.
Once Save the Dogs got to the spot, they tried to convince the owner to put the horse down instantly. The owner denied the help and support so he was offered a €50 cash to remove the animal and take it to the nearest centre.
At the centre, Alina, our vet is evaluating the extent of the injury to the horse’ legs to make a more accurate diagnosis. Click here to see all photos about the horse at Medgidia’s shelter.
The only problem is that there’s only 1
place left at the stable centre at Cernavoda and unfortunately it is impossible to help and support all the overworked horses of the area.

Anyone interested in contributing with the costs for this horse and in general the first aider for the equine centre can donate money via our web site with the subject “assistance to horses”.

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The horses from our sterilization centre of Medgidia arrived slowly in the last four years and had experienced all dramatic situations: used for the transport of waste and other materials, undernourished and mistreated, these magnificent animals in Romania live a short, painful life, especially in areas of great degradation like those where Save the Dogs operates.
The six horses (Liza, Dominiq, Cristina, Pegasus, Victor, Mugurel) were “parked” in an enclosure adjacent to the dogs, but their placing wasn’t the best. Therefore, a decision was made in September to transfer them to Cernavoda, building a new stable for them on Save the Dogs property.

Two months were needed to collect the necessary funds in order to offer excellent living conditions to the six horses: 6,776 euro came from three associate members, 1,100 euro from the Swedish partner DogRescue and 2,035 from the Finnish from FHD. The new stables featured six boxes 16mq each and 2,000 mq of land surrounding the stables so they can run freely. All in all, including the protective substances for the wood, distributed in double layers – Save the Dogs spent 12,500 euro.

On November 29, with the help of a young Romanian returning from California, we transferred the six horses by trailer, we experienced some nervousness when loading and unloading the horses. (The entire operation can be viewed through our channel on You Tube (The loading of the horses, The first phase of the trip, the second phase of the trip, the arrival of the horses in their new stables) or checking our album published on Facebook.

In the area where the horses passed their day in Medgidia made an area where the dogs can run around for at least an hour a day, given their long stays before adoption.
Save the Dogs would like to thank the three great sponsors and all the Finnish and Swedish supporters that allowed us to make this latest dream come true.

Arrivo dei cavalli a Cernavoda/Horses arrive at new stable in Cernavoda

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