We are already familiar with Margherita the horse’s case, a case we have encountered during the month of May. It was a shocking one due to the injuries and the severity of the abuse the animal has suffered by the hands of her former owner.

It is our great pride and joy to present the photo of her revival: she almost seems to be a different horse now, not only her physical strength and health being recovered but she is also on the way of rebuilding her trust in people.

Our vet Roxana treated her with great love; also she was almost spoiled by the staff with fruits and carrots. As a result Margherita has gained weight and she also became the best friend of Romica, a horse suffering from pulmonary emphysema; a condition that made it difficult for him to fit in with group. There has also been the ongoing case against the former owner; we are hoping for a sentence as soon as possible.[/ang_en] (more…)

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She was being beaten because she wasn’t pulling the cart fast enough. The horse was found by the employees of Save the Dogs from Medgidia, while she was being beaten by her owner, a boy with psychiatric problems.  Margherita‘s case (we gave her this name) is certainly the worst one we have witnessed in the past 11 years of our activity in Romania.


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Four horses in poor medical condition were confiscated by the police of Calarasi. Their destination was an abattoir, but they had no proper medical records and their transportation was also illegal (Video).

Ever since the regrettable scandal, when many of the products from the shelves of half the Europe had horse meat in their composition, the Romanian authorities made the controls stricter.The horse meat which has been sold in the European Union did come from Romania in a great measure; here the horses are not bred for their meat, yet they still might end up at the slaughterhouse after a life of hard work and abuses.
Even though STD already has in its custody 10 horses, each with the disturbing back stories of their own, we couldn’t abandon these horses from Calarasi to their fate. After receiving a sum of 5000 Euro from Pet Plan Charitable Fund we have launched, in partnership with Friends of Homeless Dogs and Hundhjalpen, a fund raising campaign to support the building of a new stable.

The purpose of this new building is to shelter 3 of these 4 horses (one of them has been given to a local family) and 4 other animals (some of the horses already in the custody of Footprints of Joy, in a facility that is already obsolete). The total cost of this project is 12.000 Euro, of which 8.000 had already been raised.

You may also contribute to this project by making a donation!

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As he was ill and considered being useless, the animal was abandoned in the woods like waste metal.
That was the fate of one of the many working horses in Cernavoda, who was found dead after a long week of agony.Unfortunately the call for help of a benevolent citizen came too late, and the veterinary from STD could not do anything else but to confirm the death of the animal to the local police and the Deputy. The former owner was found and he had to pay a fine. To his defence, he stated that he didn’t have the financial resources for the medical treatment. Being a witness of this tragedy, Deputy Suliman Ecrem sent the images of the dead horse to the local television, asking the help of the locals in reporting these kinds of incidents to the police.

Unfortunately the local Vet Department has interdicted STD to treat owned animals, unless there is a great emergency. This is not to “damage” the activity of private vets working in the area. We are afraid that the indifference of the population and their unwillingness to pay the medical fees for their own animals will lead to similar cases, when the animals will be simply left to die.

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