Yet another donkey abandoned because of failing to pull a wagon due to a disfigurement’  (or an old fracture) to a hoof. The poor animal was found in Medgidia alongside a heavily trafficked road.’  Our Victorita (one of the veterinary nurses of the team) saw some youths riding and abusing him. Following Alina’s instructions, the donkey now renamed Matei, was picked up by an STD van and taken to our centre. Thanks to our partnership with The Donkey Sanctuary, this unfortunate donkey with a difficult past, will receive all the medical care necessary and live a peaceful life.’  Luca, the other donkey also saved by the Medgidia team is ready to be transported to Italy. Destination: Il Rifugio degli Asinelli di Biella (The Donkey Refuge in Biella).


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Following our first’ joint effort’ in 2005 (when a team of British experts’ came to visit’ the dozens’ of donkeys in the village surrounding Cernavoda), STD and the foundation’ The Donkey Sanctuary’ have begun working on’ a new project together.’ Up until now, STD has has cared for these splendid animals drawing upon on its own resources (as you can see by visiting the DONKEYS section’ of our website), but from today on, we’ll be able to count on the support of the Donkey Sanctuary, that will fully cover the costs of maintaining the donkeys in the Association’s care. But, this is not all: the Foundation will also bear all the medical costs of privately owned donkeys (often patients at our clinic) and, twice per year, it will send its own team of experts from Great Britain. The good news, however, doesn’t stop here: during the visit of Paul Svendsen, the Donkey Sanctuary’s European Director (in the photo along with Sara Turetta), ten donkeys, abandoned in the fields due to a shortage of food, were rescued. The ten donkeys—found eating poisoned corn left throughout the fields by some farmers who were irritated by their presence—were saved after a very “eventful” rescue mission.


Some of the new arrivals eating and drinking in their pen in Cernavoda.

Having reached the limit of 16 donkeys at the shelter in Cernavoda, the Donkey Sanctuary has decided to transfer 12 of them to the Donkey Shelter, the new Italian sanctuary that the foundation is opening in the province of Biella.’  On the 20th of December our Romanian donkeys (including Sheila and Luca) will arrive in Italy. They will be the first Romanian donkeys to come to our country having as their destination a place other than the slaughterhouse. Each year, as a matter of fact, tens of thousands of donkeys are exported by Italian merchants and sent to Italy only to become pot roasts and salamis. On the contrary, Nicu, Salvo, Rigoletto and a young donkey rescued recently will remain in Cernavoda. Thanks to the efforts made by the Donkey Sanctuary, it won’t be necessary to continue the “adoption at a distance”, program, not even for the four donkeys that will remain in Romania.’  In the next few days STD will send out an official notice to all those who have adopted one of our donkeys. .


The pen in Cernavoda with a few of its 16 residents

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Yet another episode of ill-treatment towards a donkey. It is probably a revenge by neighbours whereby the animal was brutally injured in the abdomen. Following an operation lasting 7 hours by our vet Vali Georgescu, the donkey Sheila is safe. Such a shame that her owner, who commented on how much he loved her, abandoned her at our refuge and even asked for a compensation in cash. Sheila (as she is now been re-named) has become a member of our family in Cernavoda.’  Over the past week, we put to sleep another donkey that had been beaten so badly that it had fractured its spinal cord. It is very difficult to get the police to intervene in cases such as these.

shiela-dopo-intervento.jpg’ asinaguarita.jpg

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Luca, the donkey, is safe now thanks to our veterinary, Alina, and the whole team of Medgidia. We are building a paddock where he can live peacefully together with Raissa, the sow, and Gorby, the ram. Hoping to develop new projects for the donkeys in Romania, the STD president Sara Turetta will participate in July, 21st at an important strategic meeting organized by Donkey Sanctuary, the English foundation that takes care of the donkeys all over the world. The meeting will take place in Bucharest.


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