Dina is one of many proprietary dogs that – kept in chains without food and water – are finally set free by their owner or pull out the chain themselves.
The little dog has been found by the rescuers in Medgidia, not far from our center, in dramatic conditions. Besides the usual snare around her neck, Dina was undernourished and weak. Thanks to our staff care she recovered and she has been included in the adoption program of our Swedish partner DogRescue, that now is looking for a family for her.
There are thousands of dogs that are kept in chains in terrible conditions in people’s yards, in Romania and Save the Dogs is able to relieve just a small part of them by a new kennel and a longer chain. Unfortunately the Romanian law does not allow to act effectively and the authorities do not support our efforts in giving the owners awareness. Save the Dogs only comfort is being able to rescue cases like Dina’s and offer them a new chance.

To see all pictures of Dina today it is possible to visit the DogRescue website.

To contribute to Dina’s medical expenses and care in the rescue it is possible to make a donation, even small, through PayPal or through the association accounts.

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We find many dogs every month with serious infections around the neck and throat caused by chains or wire that has penetrated into their bodies.
But the images of Rudolf, the white dog in the photo, are really the most horrifying we have ever come across.
The wire had cut up the neck, almost touching the bone. A horrible wound, only a miracle saved him from death.
Rudolf was patiently operated by Alina and our staff in Medgidia and now the dog is staying at the clinic under antibiotics. The unfortunate animal is very sweet and affectionate and will certainly be inserted in an adoption program.
Whoever wants to contribute to his medical costs can pay through our account specifying: “Medical expenses for Rudolf”.

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Another dramatic case along the streets of the town of Costanza, spotted by the president of Save the Dogs returning from a work mission with the mobile clinic on the coast of the Black Sea.
In a forest along the National road, the stray in the photo wandered desperately in search of food, visibly sick and malnourished. The attempt to capture her was unsuccessful at the time, the mobile clinic had to go back repeatedly and find the poor animal, despite the long distance from Medgidia. In the end the staff captured her and looked after her in our veterinary clinic, but a few days after the stray died – the clinical picture showed damage from malnutrition and an advanced mange.

In this case, like in many hundreds more, Save the Dogs has to be satisfied with accompanying the dog in its last days, taking it away from the streets and helping it before its death. This is also a way to restore dignity to animals who have never been treated with dignity.
Whoever wants to support Save the Dogs’s first aid activities, can do so through the usual form of donation.

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