Maya used to live in Constanta with a family who did not really care for her.

She did not have regular meals and she never made a visit to the vet.

In the past few months her state of health has been degrading and she has also had scabies which has been extended on her four legs and on her belly.

When we arrived to the shack where Maya lived, she appeared running towards us, perhaps she was hoping she’d have something to eat, or thinking there would be someone to show her kindness.

After a long talk with Maya’s adoptive family, we realized they could not care for this small animal properly, and finally we managed to take the dog into our custody.

Maya was placed under the veterinaries’ care at Medgidia and she is doing much better: thanks to a healthy diet she has gained weight, the scabies also seem to be gone.

With the help of the mobile clinic, our team has the possibility to intervene even in seemingly hopeless cases, such as Maya’s.

Hereby we kindly ask for your help in order to maintain our first aid activity.

You are welcome to make your donation to support our program, the “first aid in Romania”.

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A rescue finished tragically for the STD staff. Following a call we were brought to Eforie, a small town on the Black Sea where, in the middle of the fields, a passerby had spotted a dog that had been run over. On our arrival at the place we immediately understood that the situation was desperate, not only due to the incident but mainly for the extreme conditions in which the animal was in. She was a female, still alive and suffering from rickets. The stage progressed to dehydration, the vital functions were already compromised and her little body was completely covered by ticks. We presume that the little animal was in that state for a long time and that her agony had begun for several hours, if not for days. Once transported to our Medgidia clinic and after a very in-depth examination by our vets, we noticed an internal hemorrhage as well on which by now it was impossible to intervene. So unfortunately we had to decide to put an end to her suffering through euthanasia.

We cannot hide that in moments like these even for us it is hard not to allow the overwhelming discouragement. For every dog, cat or horse rescued, there are hundreds that die by the roads in these conditions and the sense of helplessness is really disarming. But we cannot allow ourselves to surrender or even to only stop ourselves and to delay our work. Our dream is that Save the Dogs becomes bigger every day, that it engraves more so of how much is occurring now on the Romanian context, that little by little it is possible to change people’s mentality.

In order to do all of this we can only count on the contribution of our supporters. Continue to follow us and to help us: in these difficult times we really need you.

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Last 6th October, in collaboration with the Municipality of Medgidia, Save the dogs organized the first dog parade in the City.

The dog competition was opened to owned dogs of all kinds and aimed at the promotion of a responsible keeping of the animals.

Contrary to our expectations, the local community responded very positively to the initiative and 32 dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds participated to the event. Our Alina, the veterinarian that coordinates the sterilization centre in Medgidia, visited free of charge the dogs, while Adrian (Save the Dogs responsible for adoptions) gave advice to families on how to educate their dogs properly. Among the prizes distributed were also dog food, flea and tick control medications, collars and leashes.

The Mayor Marian Iordache attended the event and was enthusiastic about the initiative, asking Save the Dogs to organize the second edition as soon as possible.

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A day as many at the shelter in Medgidia. A phone call as many that informs us about another dog that has been run over.

Costica  and Sorin immediately get in the car and reach the place where the poor animal lays still. She lays at the side of the street where our informer placed her to avoid a lethal hit by a second car. Her conditions soon appear desperate but she is immediately brought to our center.

She has the tag on her ear that indicates a previous STD intervention: the dog is vaccinated and neutered. Unfortunately our veterinarian Alina needs just a moment to understand that nothing can be done for her. The dog has her backbone broken and the only possible operation is a piteous euthanasia.

It is not our habit to tell dramatic events to play on our supporters’ conscience and the ones who have known us for a long a time know this very well. Despite the extremely hard context we are in, STD intention is to leave space for hope and if possible also for joy, a word we love so much to choose it as a name for our biggest project.

There are moments though when we think it is necessary to also share our dramatic days in Romania with our supporters. What we have just told you is one of the many, so many cases we face everyday.

How can we not lose hope after hundreds of cases like these? By thinking that the animals in areas that are monitored by STD can count on us. In some cases our intervention can only avoid them a long agony in the streets but very often it saves lives.

It is not a cold comfort because in the story we told there is another element that lets us hope: the informer’s call.

Before STD arrived in Romania, a few people would care for a dying dog in the streets. Now the intervention calls are a lot and we consider this a sign that in our small way, with our supporters’ help we are changing a piece of the world.

If you wish to contribute to the neutering center activities and to the shelter in Medgidia, it is possible to make a donation, even small, by Pay Pal or by the association bank account indicating “Medgidia” as subject.

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