The Giurgiu enclose is finally empty. A Rumanian association (the same that reported the serious irregularities in the catching and killing services in town) has rescued the last 40 dogs remaining in the area. The local supporters are trying to monitoring the situation to verify that no other dog is thrown in the enclosure.

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STD president Sara Turetta and Linda West, president of Hundhjalpen, went to Giurgiu to collect some dogs from the public kennels. Following reports made by various Rumanian associations, the kennels where thousands of animals have died of hunger and cruelty on the part of the local authorities since the year 2000 has been seized because it does not conform to the current laws. In order to carry out renovation work, the area had to be emptied, removing the last 50 dogs, all condemned to death if they were not given another home. Despite the fact that Cernavoda is always overcrowded, STD decided to answer the appeal by Margherita Radu, the young animal lover who, together with her husband, had continued to fight.

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Sara and Linda chose to remove the dogs in the worst condition. A black puppy in agony was immediately put into the car and wrapped in a warm blanket, while four other starving, sick animals were given help. The whole scene took place in front of the cameras of the local TV, in the midst of shouts and insults on the part of the head of the dog-catchers and the mockery of the mayor (wrapped up in her smart fur coat which contrasted starkly with the mud and faeces which the dogs trod underfoot both inside and outside the area) who did not hesitate to jeer at our efforts.

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Despite the protest campaign organised by STD and Hundhjalpen, the mayor of Giurgiu has refused to consider any form of sterilisation programme and has announced that the killing will resume as soon as possible. The dogs present in the kennels had survived thanks to Margherita who went to feed them every night at her own expense. The food donated every month by a German association seems to have been stolen by members of the local council and given to their pigs, while the dogs were left to die of hunger.

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Two of the dogs that STD took away died (the black puppy did not even make it to Cernavoda…), while three of them have recovered and have been adopted in Holland and Sweden.

Click here to see the film of the dogs being saved.

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