On December 12th, as part of the midday edition of TG5, a piece dedicated to the STD Christmas Party and to the “Home for Christmas” campaign was aired.

After this TV appearance, many people decided to donate an airplane ticket to one of the many Romanian dogs housed in our shelters.

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Save the Dogs’ intervention last September, when the grim killings in the Costanza dog pound were filmed for the second time in three months, has stopped Alfmob’s criminal actions. The infamous company of dog-catchers, managed by men close to the syndicate and its party, were forced to interrupt a major part of their activities.
With the arrival of police and the press who rushed at the request of Save the Dogs to stop the offense, new evidence has been brought forward in favor of Save the Dogs ‘ arguments. Save the Dogs had already made a complaint against Alfmob in July: that dog pound was a real black hole where hundreds of stray dogs are bolted down every month and then vanish forever. On “How” the dogs disappear Save the Dogs have been able to supply a vast amount of footage visible on our You Tube channel.
STD haven’t heard from the dog-catchers since September, despite the syndicate of Cernavoda wanting to continue the dog-catching even after the video footage shown on Italian TV as well as across many Romanian channels. Moreover, it appears that Alfmob has cut all activity in the town of Costanza and many employees have been dismissed because of economic hardship faced by the company.
Despite the uncertain outcome of this investigation which unfortunately doesn’t seem to progress and risks dissolving into the Romanian Justice System, we have definitely caused economic damage to Alfmob and temporarily given peace to the stray dogs in Cernavoda and to neighboring towns.
We will keep you informed on the evolution of this case.

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A record number of people attended the event organised by the English foundation Dogs Trust which every year reunite activists from all over the world to discuss various themes linked to professional management of abandoned dogs and cats. The 12th edition was held in Prague with 250 delegates from all over Europe, South America, USA and the Middle East. Among the speakers from this edition, there was Sara Turetta president and founder of Save the Dogs, the only Italian representative with her presentation: “How to start an association from scratch”.

During the two days legal, behavioral and veterinary experts alternated on the stands and analysed the difficult theme of euthanasia and specialists in mange from the organisation WSPA were also present. The moving intervention of Mike Arms, president of the American Association Helen Woodward Animal Center, showed images of the many dead dogs during the Twin Towers rescue operation in New York.
The conference from Dogs Trust is an important opportunity for all those who want to move from activism seen as a hobby to a profound commitment and acknowledgment of the many aspects of Pet management. Save the Dogs hopes that next year even the Italian associations will decide to participate and open themselves to a fruitful exchange of experiences with activists from all over the world.

The video with Sara’s speech available here thanks to jenny Vestlund from Friends of Homeless Dogs.

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