Seven years have passed since Sara Turetta and the President of ATRA, Max Molteni, launched a collaborative project to inform thousands of Swiss citizens about the situation of strays in Romania. During these seven years, ATRA has raised more than 250,000 francs for us, and has provided a substantial contribution to our projects. The value of the materials that its branches in Lugano and Neuchatel have provided to our veterinary centers is incalculable. Considering the increasing number of Swiss supporters and adoptive families, STD has decided to nominate an in-country delegation and to open up a current account, into which our Swiss supporters will be able to directly deposit their donations. Although there will be no real office, a few of STD’s partners will be reachable by telephone to provide general information about the projects or more details about the adoption programme. The new contact information for Switzerland can be found by clicking on this page, while STD’s Swiss current account details can be found in the “Help us” section of the website.

A very heartfelt thank you’ is extended to President Max Molteni, to the Management and the volunteers of ATRA (especially to Natascia Gamba and Elena Grisafi) for the invaluable work done and for the friendship and affection shown to Sara Turetta throughout these years of collaboration.

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For almost a month now, there has been a harsh campaign against stray dogs by the media. Since some members of the Bucharest ASL issued statements advocating the reinstatement of the law that permitted the killing of strays, the newspapers and the TV have been incessantly showing images of packs of strays and those people bitten throughout the country. In reality, the law has formally prohibited the killing of strays since 2007, but the municipalities have skirted the problem by leaving the dogs, in thousands of public facilities spread throughout the country, to simply die of hunger and disease. The law has only prevented large scale killings, such as those seen before 2007, when strays were killed en masse even in the streets, thanks to the absence of an animal protection law. Since no sterilization plan has been made, the number of dogs has increased exponentially in the meantime and now the public is asking that drastic measures be taken.

The climate of recent weeks brings us back to 2001 when the then mayor of Bucharest, Basescu, launched the campaign that led to the extermination of at least 100,000 stray dogs in the capital alone. STD is extremely worried and fears that the municipalities where it operates will exploit the atmosphere of hysteria and intolerance crafted by the media to undermine our sterilization programs. We will keep you updated.
(Below: link to videos and articles published in Romania. Available only in Romanian).

- Focsani (Realitatea TV)
- Ziarul de Iasi
- Galati (Adevarul)
- Buzau (Adevarul)
- Braila

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The Rumanian woman who rescued him has adopted the poor Libero, we told you about him some days ago. Even if local adoptions are not comparable to the foreign ones (as far as standards are concerned), we decided to let the woman adopt him for two reasons: the affection she demonstrated for the dog that she personally rescued and the difficulties that we would have had with the adoption, because of the socialisation problems. Libero lives in a courtyard in Medigidia and he spends the time playing with another dog. He prefers the other animals instead of men, it’s not difficult to imagine why… We thank those who helped us taking care of him, contributing to the medical expenses and to the maintenance so far.


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Romanian media have being giving a lot of attention to the mass poisoning of hundreds of strays in Suceava (northern Romania). The massacre comes after an intensive neutering campaign performed by Pfier Pfoten and seems to be too extended and well organised to be the initiative of a few citizens. A protest has started via e-mail to press local authorities to stop their action. Watch the video of a dog in agony.


(Ph. Adevarul)
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