In November 2010 UIL Trasporti suggested to Alitalia staff to donate free-merchandise/goods that haven’t been used throughout the year to STD. In fact each Alitalia employee has the right throughout the year to a certain number of transportable kg free of charge on aircraft belonging to the company: If the employee doesn’t use them, thanks to the generous initiative of UIL Trasporti, the employee can choose to donate to STD, which will use the donation to transport medical and sanitary equipment and food stuff to Bucharest.

The initiative which has just be launched has already been a great success and there has been an extraordinary response from Alitalia staff in all areas: pilots, ground staff, flight assistants, hundreds have already given our association their kg with such enthusiasm which has exceeded our expectations.

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On October 27, the president of Save the Dogs and the general director of the association in Romania, Laurentiu Vasilescu, were guests on the local TV network Alphamedia.
In the live programme which was hosted by the journalist Mioara Girba Tutu, representatives from our organization showed images taken in the horrifying dog pound in Costanza and those sent via SKY TG24 with the firm position from the part of the Foreign Minister Franco Frattini. Moreover, there were many responses through calls and emails to the studio by people from the city indignant in regards to the atrocious killings of strays in Costanza.
STD would like to thank Mioara and all the staff at Alphamedia for their extraordinary sensibility shown towards stray dogs and for allowing us to expose our projects.[lang_de+Am 27 Oktober waren Frau Presidentin der STD, Sara Turetta und der General Direktor der rumänischen Organization, Herr Laurentiu Vasilescu, Gäste bei dem lokalem Sender Alphamedia.
Während der live Sendung die von der Jurnalistin Mioara Girba Tutu moderiert wurde, zeigten die STD Representanten Aufnahmen von dem schrecklichen Tierheim in Constanta, sowohl auch die Aufnahmen von SKY TG24 mit dem Äusserung des Aussenministers Franco Frattini.
Viele Zuschauer haben angerufen oder E-mails geschrieben und zeigten sich empört wegen der Tötungen der Strassenhunde in Constanta.
STD richtet hiermit einen herzlichen Dank an Mioara und dessen Team von Alphamedia für ihre aussergewöhnliche Zuneigung gegenüber der Strassenhunde und weil sie uns helfen unsere Projekte zu veröffentlichen.

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It has been a long time since Save the Dogs has come across such a dramatic case in the streets of Cernavoda.
Since straying has been placed under control by our association, the available food resources for each animal in the City have on average increased, while any dog with mange has been captured and treated. Furthermore, sterilizations and deworming have considerably improved the health conditions of all strays.
Therefore, it is impossible to imagine where this poor stray in the photo had come from. It is highly likely that he escaped from a heavily damaged shelter (named Spike) which Save the Dogs has tried, in vain, to close for many years without finding the necessary support from the authorities. Or perhaps he arrived from surrounding villages and was maladjusted in search for food.
His conditions were very serious and the mange that had attacked him was at an incurable stage. We were forced, despite our efforts, to put the dog to sleep. In the photo he is under anaesthetics, having been captured with a special gun.

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