In september a jenny and her foal were abbandonded in Medgidia’s dumpsite next to the La Farge cement factory. The pair were searching for food along the railway line used for transporting the raw materials needed for production to the factory. The Medgidia staff, who were contacted by the factory, acted immediately and took the two animals to the Cernavoda donkey sanctuary. Click here to see the photos. If you wish to support emergency aid and recovery activities for donkeys in need, you can make a donation stating “Romanian Donkeys” as reason for payment.

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A puppy with his ears covered with ticks, anemic and weakened has been picked up in Medgidia. A Molosser abandoned on the road, seriously undernourished has been picked up in Cernavoda. These are 2 of the 100 cases that reach our shelters every month, where unfortunately emergencies are the order of the day.

For the puppy there is hope for overseas adoption, unfortunately for the Molosser, who also has a hip problem, the only hope is for a local adoption which is extremely difficult in Romania. The donations from our supporters allows us to cure these animals who would otherwise be condemned to die of hunger and diseases if left on the street.

To sustain the veterinary first aid actions developed by Save the Dogs, you can visit the section Help Us or donate using a credit card and stating reason for payment “First Aid Activity”.

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Yesterday Mr. Franco Frattini, Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, has strongly condemned the killings of stray dogs in Costanza pound and, generally, all throughout Romania.
The interview was broadcasted on Sky TG24, a well known tv channel entirely dedicated to news. Save the Dogs has been repeatedly mentioned and the audience could watch the footage shot by our organisation last July, at Costanza killing pound.

We thank the Minister for his long time support to our projects in Romania and for his sensitivity to animal rights.

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After a long wait, Save the Dogs received into its account the 5×1000 funds, for the year 2008.

It consists of 89.386,65 euro (donated by 2.441 supporters of the association) that we can use for our projects in Romania. On this occasion the sum will be exclusively used to acquire medicine, vaccines and food for more than 600 dogs at the Cernavoda and Medgidia structures. In 2009, Save the Dogs Romania spent 355.478 euro out of a total cash outflow of 536.100 euro for these items.

The minister has not yet communicated the the number of preferential votes of 5×1000, 2009 edition, but we anticipate that the sum will be destined for the construction of the new dog pound in Cernavoda to be completed by 2011 at the very latest. Save the Dogs would like to thank everyone that has once again displayed their respect and affection in choosing us amongst the other 30.000 accredited associations  for 5×1000. With these funds we can really make a difference for the thousands of animals that are in need of help in Romania.

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