Last Thursday, early in the morning following the alerts from our Costanza supporters, the Vice President of Save The Dogs and the director Laurentiu Vasilescu brought along a video operator to the dog pound « Bio baza » of Costanza. To welcome them there was the agonizing cries of forty stray dogs that were being killed one after the other with only an injection in the chest after which they were immobilised with pincers around the neck. After having filmed these atrocities, Paola and Laurentiu called the Costanza police who had already carried out the investigation on the dog pound after our complaint last July. The dog pound management did not let the police in who waited more than an hour to gain permission from the magistrate to carry out the search warrant. A hour through which the doctor who carried out the killings vanished, while the workers ensured all substances and disturbing evidence disappeared. While the major TV editors hurried to the location, various police officials entered onto the premises along with a doctor from ASL Romena. Save The Dogs, who could not enter, requested that the dead dogs (who management claim were sick) to take some blood samples in order to demonstrate the actual state of health of the dead animals. Save The Dogs has given the images filmed Thursday morning to the police and Romanian media which you can view on our channel on You Tube, as well as some Romanian channels like (Libertatea, Adevarul, ReporterNTV, Antena1) all of which have given great emphasis on this affair. (Images are not recommended for sensitive viewers.)

We hope that these dramatic events further weaken the management of the dog pound, the head of the company Alfmob srl (Cezara Manastiranu) and all that work within. The administrator of Alfmob, questioned by the press on the activities conducted at the dog pound, has explained to act in all legality and to find himself faced with a vendetta against him from the part of Save The Dogs and damages to his own business. It is a shame that our association does not receive any contribution from the local administration of Cernavoda and all activities are based on the donations of our supporters. We will keep you informed on the developments of this affair. In order to contribute to the costs sustained by Save The Dogs, please send your donation to our bank account, or by credit card, specifying as a reason for the transaction “Costanza Dog Pound”.

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While the European Parliament voted the controversial directive 86/609 on animal experimentation, Save the Dogs and other associations belonging to Pets in Europe were looking to obtain the greatest possible number of signatures in favour of Declaration 26 on the welfare of pets. Given the confusion caused in the past few days between the two initiatives: we feel the need to clarify: the vote on the directive on experimentation represented an end to the legislature lasting two years. The written declaration, was instead a first step for the pets to be inserted in the competence of Parliament, to curb the phenomena of puppy smuggling from the East and to develop at the European level issues like the identification and the birth control of animals in ownership, today controlled by national laws.

To deepen the directive on experimentation we direct our supporters to the LAV website because Save the Dogs, although opposing vivisections and hoping one day that they are replaced in its entirety by alternative methods, has as a major role the fight against straying in Romania. Our website, is therefore, not a place to confront the complex issues of the Directive 86/609, and it seems more appropriate that it is an association antivivisectionist in providing all the information of the case.

Unfortunately, Declaration 26, for which Save the Dogs and its partners worked so much for, did not pass. 226 signatures were collected out of a total of 736 parliamentary: less than a third and therefore too little even to ask for a prorogation. Out of the Italians, 24 parliamentarians signed out of 72. Much less than those that signed the Declaration on the transport of horses. A failure that Save the Dogs cannot explain, even so because diverse MEP showed a certain interest for the document- Balzani (PD), Albertini (PDL), Sassoli (PD), Costa (PD) – but that did not make them sign it. At the general level, rather, a great number of responses from the Scandinavian countries but not many from the East and the South of Europe. The list of all the signatories is available here.

Despite this, there is good news: at the end of the year a four-year plan of action from the European Commission on the welfare of animals will be presented, which for the first time will include a section dedicated to Pet animals. The declaration has surely accelerated a legislative process, without which, in our opinion, effective Europeans polices in the fight against stray animals and the smuggling of animals would never come into effect. But the signs we have suggest a growing interest from institutions on these issues. Save The Dogs continues to put the pressure on, for the well-being of the dogs and the cats from Romania and throughout Europe.

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This is one of the many stories of strings left around the neck of stray – or partially-stray – dogs of the cities where we operate.
The doggy in the picture, a male aged one year and a half, was found some time ago with a nasty throat cut by a lady from Medgidia: as ever in such cases, the string had slit the animal’s neck causing a deep wound. Thanks to the lady, our four-footed friend was taken to our center, where he received all necessary treatment and he is now staying, awaiting adoption in Sweden. The dog was named Kicken by DogRescue volunteers and we hope for him to be able to leave Romania as soon as possible and forget his misadventures forever.

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The president of Save The Dogs will be back in Strasbourg once again between 6th and 9th September and, with the help of some colleagues from PIE, will try to convince as many members of the European Parliament as possible to sign Declaration 26.
Unfortunately, despite great efforts from many European associations, only 142 out of 735 parliamentary members have added their signature: they include 14 Italians and 13 Romanians. 280 signatures are needed to obtain an extension and 368 for the document to be approved.

If the Declaration is not passed it will send a very clear message to the Parliament: that dogs and cats are not a priority for European citizens, meaning that the Parliament can continue not legislating on the subject (for which it currently has no authority), leaving every country free to do their own thing. With consequences that we know all too well. It would be an awful own goal for animal-welfare supporters if the Declaration doesn’t get through, as only a system of common guidelines will make it possible to punish those countries that fail to observe a law ratified on a European level. Not to mention pedigree dog smuggling from Eastern European countries, one of the biggest emergencies to emerge in recent years, domineered by the economic interests of the tradesmen’s lobby with no means with which to fight the phenomenon.

We hope animal lovers will make themselves heard by sending this letter to the updated list of parliamentary members that you will find here. 9th September is drawing near, let’s get moving!

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