The arrival of the pallet that was transported by Alitalia cargo service.

2011 is a lucky year for what concerns the material that we have collected for our veterinary centers in Romania.
Thanks to Alitalia cargo service facilitations and the special prices that DogRescue had by a Swedish carrier, tons of material have already been delivered in the last 3 months to Cernavoda and to Medgidia. The products that we had by DogRescue are headed mainly to Medgidia, the rescue where Save the Dogs partner association selects the dogs that can be adopted in Sweden, while the material from Save the Dogs Milano will be equally shared between the two structures.

Once more we want to thank the Commander Giovanni Montagner from the UIL Transports, Dr. Fabiano from People Care, Francesca Baiocchi and all the Alitalia staff who allowed us to have this wonderful airlift.

Our gratitude also goes to the Piacenza White Cross and to all of the Save the Dogs supporters who send us the material that is listed on this page on the website by delivering it directly to Milan main offices. Together we are giving relief to hundreds of animals in Romania! 

A part of the material that our DogRescue Swedish partners sent.

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It was useless that the Romanian parliament returned the law which permitted the town councils to perform euthanasia and the request to revise the text. The Public Administration Commission voted in a closed hearing today without allowing the associations and press access to the hearing. The text nearly identical to the one last month, had one difference: Associations won’t be prevented to access public dog pounds and in any case no fines will be imposed to the muncipalities which don’t allow animal activists through. The law will go to Parliament next week and the likelihood of passing in this form is high.
Save the Dogs and the other associations who have conducted intense lobbying in Bucharest – FNPA, GIA and Vier Pfoten – have pointed out that it’s absurd to leave each town to make decisions independently: animal lovers will move the dogs from the towns where they are destined to die to towns where they are tolerated. Moreover, sterilization programs in practice (Save the Dogs one of the few) will be compromised by these movements from towns and diverse provinces. Instead what is needed, is a National sterilization plan carried out by the authorities in collaboration with non-profit associations. A National dog registry establishment is also necessary and the power to issue severe penalities for those who abandon dogs and that don’t sterilize their own dogs. However, it appears that the interests that hide behind the management of the business, who have exclusive possession of all the incinerators of Romania, are more relevant than the well-being of the community.
In the photo: Laurentiu Vasilescu, general director of Save the Dogs Romania with Carmen Arsene, President of the National Federation for the Protection of Animals, respond to the questions posed by the reporters.

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