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Last Friday news reported about a 49-year-old woman who, breaking into a public institution yard in Bucharest in unclear circumstances (maybe to steal iron), died because of the bites of dogs attacking her. The tragic event
triggered the stray dog panic again, despite the dogs in the sad event were not abandoned animals but an ordinary presence in a private property. Save the Dogs made their position public through a press release and they will take part in the meeting, due for this week, with the Bucharest mayor Sorin Oprescu, who called the animal associations to sum up the situation. Save the Dogs – that is not active in the capital city but it stands as one of the most important voices on this in Romania – is strongly opposed against the idea of a 10.000 seat megakennel which the mayor would like to build some kilometers away from Bucharest.

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The success of the campaign: “A casa per Natale” (Home for Christmas) has gone beyond all our expectations. There were 342 (for a total of 25.644 euro) airline tickets donated which allowed the animals of Cernavoda to fly to the North of Italy during the Christmas season – 60 lucky ones arrived in their new families before the end of 2010. Meanwhile with the other tickets we are able to cover all the flights for 2011!
We would like to thank all those who have joined our initiative, relieving Save the Dogs of an essential cost for the international adoption program and guaranteeing our four-legged friends in this year and until now that they will have a more peaceful future far from the streets of Romania.

In the photo: Corina who left in December 2010 thanks to the Campaign: “Home for Christmas”.

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With the beginning of the new year, it’s time for Save The Dogs to take out the balance sheets.

The first statistics we are able to give you are those related to international adoptions, which every year we publish in detail all figures producing data from country to country.

As you can see in the table, the overall number of adopted animals compared to 2009 has gone from 677 to 602. We contribute this drop to two factors: On the one hand the emergency demolition of the Calarasi dog pound, which particularly strained our efforts in 2009; On the other hand, the international economic crisis, which certainly had a negative impact on adoption demand both in Italy and Overseas.

In detail, one notes that above all the fall concerns Italy and Holland, while it stabilizes in Finland, falls slightly in Switzerland and rises in Sweden (from 90 to 134 dogs who have found a home). In the last case the rise is linked to the Hundhjalpen split and the birth of DogRescue who from Springtime focused on the only refuge of Medgidia allowing the departure of more dogs compared to the previous year.

In any case, overall we can say that 602 animals were saved from the streets, from death and mistreatment which is an important result due to the great efforts of the Romanian staff, Ylenia Bitetti from the Milan office and from the dozens of Italian and foreign associations who have chosen to collaborate with Save The Dogs .

We want to express our immense gratitude and sincere thanks to them because only as a team we can produce such statistics.

Type Country of Adoptions
Dogs ITALY 248
SWEDEN Hundhjalpen 97
SWEDEN DogRescue 38
Total dogs 539
Cats ITALY 56
Total cats 63
Total Adoptions 602

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It has been a year since the last extraordinary recruitment campaign run by STD, when the number of our members went up to 550 (+250% compared to 2009). Will we succeed in breaking the 2010 record? It depends on you only!

The year ahead is full of projects and events we will give you detailed information about in the coming months and which our Italian team is already working hard on. However, to achieve all this we need your support! This year, those who register or renew their registration will also receive a unique gadget, a magnet dedicated to our donkeys.

You will find all the information you need to register on the page Become a Member.  Thank you all!

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