There are a lot of stray dogs, all of them healthy and vaccinated, wandering in front of the imposing palace of the free press. All these dogs are generally tolerated and fed by the employees and the people of the local area.
The young little Marta, instead of appearing healthy, was in very serious conditions when she was spotted by the Save the Dogs president. She had scab and was underweight. The stray dog was in pain and shivering due to the freezing wheatear conditions, to a closer look it appeared that Marta had just been spayed at the local centre, but the stitches got opened and exposed the sensitive area to the frosted conditions.

It took three days to get hold of her, and in the end a Cernavoda Save the Dogs rescue operator was called to catch Marta. Now Marta is safe and under medical attentions at the Cernavoda Clinic. She is in the adoption waiting list, like all the other small size dogs.
Anyone wishing to help us with the costs of her medications can donate any amount either via Paypal or Bank transfer to Save the Dogs. Thanks again.

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The representatives of PDL who in the last week have caused a shock to the project law of Senator Marinescu, were not able to force the vote of the Romanian Parliament which returned the law on strays to the ADP Commission yesterday.
It ‘s a first, partial victory for the animalist world national and international dismayed at the shocking news that was about to officially allow killings, which is unfortunately an ongoing issue in Romania.
The greatest influence in the decision that the 100 Parliamentarians took yesterday in the plenary session, was the pressure exerted by dozens of petitions, thousands of mail and phone calls during the last week which have jammed the mailboxes of the Members of Parliament and made their telephones go haywire.
Leading the way to civil society and associations which protested all afternoon yesterday at the popular social meeting place – despite the harsh weather conditions, the princess Maya Von Hohenzollern and actress Monica Davidescu, protagonists in the press conference before the protest. Save the Dogs were present with a large group of Romanian supporters and employees who traveled by bus to reach the Capital. The President of STD and General Director Laurentiu Vasilescu made speeches during the protest. They invited the Tourism Minister Udrea to show diplomacy which would bring foreign tourists closer to Romania.

During the next three weeks, all will be played out: the Commission will bring forth the debate again on the proposal and on the amendments presented. It will be up against non profit associations and will present a new proposal to Parliament. The crucial factor will be the ability of the associations to convince a large number of representatives from the Democratic Liberal Party (in government) to not support Sulfina Barbu’s position, President of the Parliamentary Commission and of Elena Udrea, Tourism Minister. In three weeks’ time the fate of millions of strays will be decided.

Trailer Maja Hohenzollern from EVO TV on Vimeo.

To see all the photos visit the albums on FB:
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Visit our channel on YouTube to watch the various videos of the protest and click here to read the Save the Dogs press release.

Read here the letter sent by the English organization WSPA to the president of the Parliamentary Committee, Mrs. Sulfina Barbu.

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The Parliamentary Commission which reunited last Tuesday, voted almost unanimously for a law proposal which takes Romania back to a dark period before 2008, when a new law for the protection of animals stopped, at least formally, the killings of strays.
The new proposal foresees that each Romanian Mayor decides independently if dogs will be killed, locked up in concentration camp style dog pounds or manage sterilization and release projects in the territory. Not only that: One of the many controversial aspects of the proposal is the prohibition of associations to control the activities conducted by dog-catchers and the management of dog pounds and many restrictions for those who intend to adopt or have a dog at home. These are measures that the Romanian ONG is against and considers anti constitutional – measures which are about to cause a protest like those in 2001 when the mayor of Bucharest, (now president of Romania), undertook the extermination of tens of thousands of four-legged animals without respecting rules.

Monday March 7, the Romanian parliament ,where the Basescu’s party holds an overwhelming majority has two avenues: Approve the proposal of the Commission in its actual form or resend the proposal for revision. Monday the president of Save the Dogs, Sara Turetta, will try and meet, along with other representatives of the National Federation for the Protection of Animals, other parliamentarians before the vote.

Despite hundreds of thousands of dogs killed in the last three years in dog pounds and the streets of Romania, the law allowed associations like Save the Dogs to report to the authorities the killings and to legally bring forward sterilization and release projects in the region. With this law, it is easy to see that all these type of interventions, which have never been supported but tolerated by the Romanian town council, will face great difficulty and that the majority of Mayors will turn openly to extermination covered by the law that protects them.

Click here to read our press release.

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