It has been months of intense work for our mobile clinic in Romania. For the first year, thanks to one more nurse at the Cernavoda center, we could use the caravan for more days in a week, sharing it between the two staffs: the veterinarian Valentin and the nurse Aura centered in the Cochirleni village, a few kms away from Cernavoda, trying to win people’s heart who were initially very suspicious. Many collars were replaced on the poor animals that were kept tied at a chain, collars that are always needed very much and that we ask you to send (new or second-hand) to our Milan headquarters.

The Medgidia team, instead, was divided between the Topraisar and Limanu villages and the Mangalia and Braila towns, where we were called by several animal lovers who needed care. Mangalia especially gave a favorable welcome thanks to the female participation, that has always been significant compared to the male part of the people. In total our mobile clinic has managed to neuter during summer time 489 dogs and 176 cats.
Right while coming back from Mangalia the clinic witnessed a dramatic discover along the way, of which we show some pictures: a poor exhausted stray dog was seen in the dark thanks to his white color. His conditions, as you can see in the picturesi, were really desperate and our Alina considered euthanasia as the best choice for the poor dog.
Unfortunately the stray dogs that wander in these conditions are thousands in all those Romanian cities where there is no association like Save the Dogs operating. We are comforted by knowing that in Medgidia and Cernavoda cases like that are now rare and are soon found by our collaborators, while in the rest of the country these stray dogs are condemned to a slow and painful death.
Those who want to support the mobile clinic, through which we sterilize free all the animals who are carried to our veterinarians, can make a donation by Pay Pal or our bank account, indicating the cause “mobile clinic”. We will go on working in the caravan until the temperatures allow us to.

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For the seventh consecutive year, the Save the Dogs sympathizers residing in the Principality of Monaco found themselves at a fund-raising dinner in favor of the associations. With a buffet sponsored by friend Fiamma and splendidly prepared by Mrs Graziella from “La Casa del Gelato” , about 40 loyal friends of our projects donated a grand total of 14.000 euro intended for the construction of the new refuge in Cernavoda. Three of the dog areas from the budding structure will be dedicated to the supporters from the Principality. In the photo: Save the Dogs president Sara Turetta with Ute and the little Lola, picked up in the streets of the city of Costanza.

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Construction work on the new shelter in Cernavoda continues tirelessly.
Recently, as can be seen from the photos, the cement cast for the first lot has been finished, and the perimeters for a part of the smaller dog pens have been traced out.

To read all the latest news concerning fundraising, please visit this section of the website

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