On 16th of September, the President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano paid an official visit to Romania to meet leading representatives of the Italian government and entrepreneurs.
In the afternoon, Napolitano had a meeting with a small group of representatives of the Italian community, among whom were members of CIAO, the Committee of the Italian associations and NGOs operating in Romania, of which Save the Dogs is a member too.

Franco Aloisio (Parada), president of CIAO, gave President Napolitano a plaque on behalf of the Committee and a document in which the Italian associations inform the Presidency of the commitment of the Italian Non-Profit Sector in Romania. The meeting was also attended by Sara Turetta, President of STD, who has been newly appointed as a member of the Board of governors of CIAO.Op 16 september j.l. heeft er een officiele ontmoeting plaatsgevonden tussen de President van Italië, Giorgio Napolitano, en belangrijke Italiaanse vertegenwoordigers en hun stafleden.
In de namiddag was hij ook aanwezig op een kleine bijeenkomst van leden uit de Italiaanse gemeenschap waaronder afgevaardigden van CIAO, het comité van de vereniging van Italiaanse activiteiten in Roemenië, waarvan Save The Dogs ook lid is.

CIAO voorzitter Franco Aloisio (Parada) heeft President Napolitano, namens de vereniging, een plaquette overhandigd en een document waarin deze Italiaanse organisatie uitlegd in welke non profit organisaties in Roemenië zij actief is. Uiteraard was de voorzitster van STD, Sara Turetta, ook aanwezig. Zij is recentelijk benoemd tot lid van de stuurgroep van CIAO.

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Due to a bad car accident which involved Save the Dogs van last sunday, our team in Milan is temporarily halved. For this reason communication towards partners and supporters will be slow during next weeks. We apologise for the inconvenience and we thank you for your understanding. Ylenia and Francesca are now recovering home from their injuries and hopefully will soon be back with us at Milan office.

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Tuesday October 11, 2011 at 21.00, Oscar winner Nicola Piovani will perform at the Conservatory of Milan for an important fund-raising evening in favor of It’s Donkey Time! , the first donkey therapy project of Romania by Save the Dogs. On the stage of the prestigious Sala Verdi, the Master will propose some of his most famous pieces written for cinema, theater and for concerts, expressly revisited in the version of a small group of soloists. The repertoire comes from the cinema of: Taviani, Moretti, Benigni and of Fellini.

For more information: info@savethedogs.eu +390239445900

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Carla Rocchi, ENPA national president, flew to Romania for the first time to officially visit the STD shelters. Together with the president from Saronno Evi Mibelli, MP Rocchi had the chance to see what our association has created from 2002 to present and to have a better knowledge of the reality where we work. During the same travel ENPA president attended the opening ceremony of It’s Donkey Time!, the first onotherapy project in Romania whose promoter is STD.

STD thanks MP Carla Rocchi and all of the ENPA centers in Northern Italy (Monza, Voghera and Arzignano in particular) for standing out in adopting the dogs from our shelters in these years.

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