It happens almost every day that dogs in all sizes and age are abandoned at our Cernavoda shelter. Unfortunately because of the ignorance of people, in many cases they are not “placed in security” (like paradoxically the puppy left in the sack that you can see in the photos below), but are literally thrown in the enclosures of the shelter where the poor beasties are obviously attacked by groups of dogs which live there.
Many of these episodes end tragically
, which is what happened to a puppy shown in the photo album having chosen not to publish them on the Home page. The little one that was with him came out better: Viola (in the photo above) had fractures but she is pulling through and we hope she can leave for Sweden as soon as possible. Even the puppy in the sack, a young quadruped and simply adorable, will soon be inserted into the international adoption project. Despite that Save the Dogs sterilizes free of charge 2.750 animals between Cernavoda and Medgidia every year, many people unfortunately still do not gather our message and cause unnecessary suffering to these animals, even when having an alternative at hand.
Decades are needed to change this mentality and we hope to begin as soon as possible an educational project in Cernavoda public schools parallel to that of Medgidia.

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5.000 letters of protest from half Europe and an official note by the Members of the European Parliament Andrea Zanoni, Nadia Hirsch and Adina-Ioana Valean stopped the dog-catchers in Cernavoda.
Last week, for the first time in last month, the Alfmob firm operators (now reborn under the reassuring name Puppy Vet srl) did not appear in Cernavoda.
Some days before in an informal way the Cernavoda Mayor committed with our general manager to stop such actions, asking in return a direct answer from Save the Dogs to all the citizens’ complaints about the stray dogs. Despite the lack of a document to officialize such a procedure, STD confirmed their availability to rescue “problematic” dogs, asking in return to stop killing all the dogs caught in Cernavoda and the possibility to rescue them under their name.
On this part, though, we are still waiting that the Township “unlocks” the poor animals in the Costanza kennel and allows us to adopt them. Some of them have been rescued by common citizens who took care of them despite they lived in the streets, while about ten small sizes (see pictures) who were caught in other places have been taken to the Save the Dogs shelter in Cernavoda against a 50-70 euro ransom (a dramatically high amount and in our opinion unacceptable), as their adoption abroad was certain.

We hope to give you good news soon by confirming that also the Cernavoda dogs have been taken away from that hell. In the meantime the Members of the European Parliament, who signed the letter to the township, asked the Veterinary Service of Costanza in an official way to verify that the Puppy Vet srl activities comply with the Romanian law and that the animal handling is correctly registered.
We will keep you updated on the situation progress.

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