Following this link, at minute 12:20, you may watch the excellent reportage about Footprints of Joy broadcasted on Sunday, December 2nd, during the Canale 5  TV program L’arca di Noè.

A special thanks goes to journalist Maria Luisa Cocozza and her staff for the impressive job they’ve done: in fact, they have been able to summarize the essence of our work in Romania and the social background in which we operate. Authors decided to call the report “A shelter to be proud of” and we can’t deny that indeed, we are. But we could put up such remarkable goals just  because so many friends and sponsors around Europe have been supporting us with loyalty.

However, we know that we are still at the beginning of a long way for Romanian animal welfare and we hope you will keep on standing by our side. We are sure that watching this broadcast you too will be proud for being  part of this great project called Save the Dogs.

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Bacco was about to be killed at the kennel in Costanza. If Save the Dogs hadn’t intervened, Altea and Camilla would have met the same fate a few weeks later.
is the day that is chosen by the city’s kennel to put down dozens of animals who are exhausted by that point and it is before this day that we know that we must intervene if we want to rescue one of those poor four-legged creatures.In these cases we have arrived in time, managing to thwart a destiny that for the three creatures seemed to be marked out.
Bacco is now called Petter and lives in Sweden with a loving family. He has found a playmate with whom to frolic with in the fields during summer and a warm rug near the fireplace on which he has long naps during the cold season.
Altea and Camilla (mother and daughter) have been adopted together and they too live in the Scandinavian country. The two small ones have shown straightaway that they are inseparable and so for them, a family was sought that could welcome and attend to them together.
Bacco, Camilla and Altea now have a serene life and thanks to the people looking after them, they seem to have forgotten the horrors and ill-treatment in Romania straightaway. Unfortunately there are still hundreds of animals locked in the kennel concentration camp in Costanza and we are aware that only a few of them will have a happy fate like our three protagonists.

We at Save the Dogs are yet to give in: we are working every day so that that hellish place – where more than 600 dogs die every month – shuts down forever.

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