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It is with great emotion and excitement that Sara Turetta was invested with the honor of Knight of the Italy’s star.

The prize was presented by the Ambassador Mario Cospito during a ceremony held on 10th July at the Embassy of Bucharest. This event has a huge symbolic value because for the first time an animal activist can boast such recognition, bestowed directly by the President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano.

So, during her important speech, the president of Save the Dogs has stressed the importance of this honor as a “signal that institutions in our country understand the reason for our work and its contribution to build up a society truly based on justice and solidarity”.

Sara continued her discourse by emphasizing the key words of Save the Dogs’ actions in Romania. Words constantly repeated in our posts, on Facebook and during our events: Joy, Education, Dialogue and Hope.

Of course – Sara went on – we must not remain silent in the face of the atrocities committed every day in Romania and we have repeatedly denounced what is happening in Costanza, Braila and Calarasi. But we act without ever destroying the concept of “Man”: there can be no society fair and respectful of our animals which uses violence (physical or verbal) to destroy the man. Both of them should be protected and respected in any society claiming to be civilized and mature

The work of STD in Romania goes together with that of the members of the CIAO Committee which brings together several Italian aid organizations acting in the country without ever contrasting it. “We speak the same language – Sara said – that of defense of the weakest, compassion, sympathy towards those who suffer”.

The Italian and Rumanian presses emphasized the event by publishing articles and comments. Among them, we wish to mention the articles published in the Italian daily newspapers “Corriere della Sera” and “Il Giornale” and the interview with Sara Turetta on Radio Romania International (in Italian).

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A bookmark dedicated to Save The Dogs available in all Parah shops, a gift for the customers of this famous firm, leader in made in Italy beachwear. This fantastic novelty of the summer gives STD a profitable chance to get a larger number of people acquainted with our initiatives in favour of Romanian straying dogs.

The idea springs from the company management, very conscientious about the cause embraced by STD and enthusiastic about the goals achieved with our commitment. The customers of Parah shops and outlets spread in Italy will go on holiday with a brand new swimsuit and a special present: a bookmark for their readings under the beach umbrella, which speaks about our involvement for Romanian animals.

Parah, keeping up the good name of made in Italy in the world, is synonymous with haute couture, style and from today on, great sensitivity to our animal friends. Save The Dogs sincerely thanks Parah for having supported our projects and for such this valuable opportunity!

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Tomorrow the 10th of July, is going to be an important day for STD.

In fact during a ceremony at the Seat of Italy in Bucarest, Sara Turetta is going to be invested with the honor of Knight of the Italy’s star .

It deals with an award given by the President of the Italian Republic dedicated to the personalities who promoted the creation of a friendly relationship and collaboration between  Italy and the other countries which executed important activities in the sympathy’s area.

So Sara is the first animal activist who received this honor thanks to “her civic battles that contributed in an essential way to the diffusion of a culture which can respect the animals in the country”, how the Ambassador’s motivation said.

But the importance of the award is not only in this record. In fact through this title it is celebrated the worth of all the people who everyday are involved in the animal’s suffering so Sara wants to share this big pleasure with all the STD’s friends.

The president of Save the Dogs was proposed for the honor because “she was able to realize an important dog pound in the city of Cernavoda – continues the official motivation – and the institution of a service which promotes the sterilization and the animal’s freedom in the place of  their suppression. ”

This is STD’s work that can go on everyday only thanks to your help and for this reason Sara turns a big thank you to everybody.

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