On Monday 7 May the Italian Minister of Financial has finally published the information about 5X1000 edition 2010, a measure which allows all Citizen to devolve part of income taxes to their favourite association.
That was a great surprise for Save the Dogs to know our association had a boom of preferences.
In 2009 we had been chosen by 2924 people and in 2010 STD has reached 4680 preferences, so more than 60 % of the past year. The increase of funds was not proportional to the one for preferences, a demonstration that Italian salaries are downing and live in suffer.
STD will get 129.700 eur against the 105.000 of year 2009, about 23% more.
Another encouraging information is the one which refers to the position of Save the Dogs in the general chart of Onlus and Organisations: there are only 200 Italian organisations which gained more than 100.000 EUR and STD is at the 157° place on  32.000 institutions accredited for 5×1000. These statistics, if we think about the young life of the association (officially born in Italy in 2005) make us proud of the job done in these years from the headquarter in Milan and also thankful to the thousands Italians collaborators who trust us.
We don’t know when these funds will be delivered but STD can accede to a bank credit if these funds will be useful to do our activities in Romania .
The funds of 5×1000 – we’ll keep you informed about their use, as we have already done for edition of 2008- will be used to cover some costs for the working of our structures in Romania and first of all to buy drugs and for delivery of medical health from Italy.

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A few weeks before the inauguration of the new shelter in Cernavoda, STD
launched through the site www.footprintsofjoy.eu the third and final phase of the project: the fundraising to build a model veterinary clinic for dogs and cats.

The veterinary hospital we have designed is intended to be “stray dog-friendly”. A 336 square meters central body and five outdoor areas (300 square meters), extending on corridors, in order to shelter the different kinds of animals passing through our organization: cats, puppies, dogs that will be set free, those suffering for contagious pathologies, and those that will be adopted.

Parts of the raw material required for the North American styled prefabricate building will come from Canada. While the load-bearing structure is made of wood, the external coating will consist of insulating boards. The hospital will be equipped with large windows (also in the in-patient wards), in such a way to make use of the natural light as much as possible, while heating will be positioned under floor, and will probably exploit alternative energy systems. We have foreseen three different accesses: one for those who take their pets to the clinic privately, another for stray dogs attended by our operators, and the last one for STD employees, who will final have the opportunity to work together in a unique location.
The total cost for building this hospital is 250.000 euros.

Let’s build together the new STD veterinary hospital! You can give your contribution to the project by making a donation or supporting one of the 47 kennel runs to the value of 500, 800, 1.000 or 1.500 euros. A plate placed in each corridor will mention the supporter’s name. Visit the fund-raising special webpage on www.footprintsofjoy.eu.

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