Despite STD concentrating its activities on the city of  Cernavoda and Medgidia,  and unfortunately not being able to extend its help to other cities, we haven’t  given up on spreading some “footprints of joy” in other Romanian places.

And from this desire, our little collaboration with Neli was born, a person who many of our supporters be familiar with as part of the STD distance support programme. We got to know Calarasi during one of the most complex times in our history. He lived just outside the city and amid all the desperation, he began to take some strays into his back garden. The number of them increased month upon month, until he came to manage what is now a small shelter with around 86 dogs.

When we were forced to abandon Calarasi’s project, Neli’s presence was proved to be precious.  Thanks to her, we felt that we could still be present in the city, in some way.

That’s why two years ago, STD sold Neli on a collaboration of her own with our Dutch partner Dogs Adoptions Nederland, which now allows her to manage the adoption of dogs abroad.

In recent years, Neli has done excellent work and dozens of dogs have been saved from the streets and adopted abroad thanks to her.

And so, periodically, STD staff visit Neli’s shelter, providing her former strays with useful materials, (bowls, pallets, coasts, pesticides, medicines etc.) whilst our drivers are concerned with transporting the dogs leaving for a new life in the Netherlands to the airport in Bucharest, as many times as necessary. In fact, Neli doesn’t own her own transportation, and in any case, the cost of travelling the 260 kilometres necessary for the route would be impossible for he to sustain.

We’re grateful to Nel for all the work she’s doing in Calarasi with love and dedication, and we’re grateful to whoever – supporting her from a distance – will allow us to help her with this important work.

If you’d like to support Neli from a distance, or another of the families who, with STD, take cake of animals in Romania, go to dedicated section of the site.

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Another case of animal abuse in Costanza. This time a woman with serious alcohol abuse problems, a widespread condition in Romania, used to keep 10 little dogs in unacceptable conditions.

The dogs’ owner and her four-legged stayed inside a miserable shack whose hygienic conditions were so dramatic that their neighbourhood was finally forced to call the police.

The city attorney’s office intervened in the case by confiscating the poor dogs and assigning them to Costanza lager kennel, unfortunately.

Thankfully our association is becoming more and more well-known as well as highly regarded in the country, so one of the reporting persons, taking pity on the deprived little dogs, decided to inform us via Facebook.

Andrea and Marius, belonging to our Cernavoda staff, ran there straight away and attained the dogs’ assignment.

The baby dogs were immediately put in our veterinary care to be given first aid and medical attention. Now they are in good health and are to be deemed very lucky not only because they escaped from a certain death, but being affable and small-sized, they will surely be adopted abroad soon.

Should you want to contribute to support them and sustain the pre-adoption expenses, please make a donation indicating, as reason for payment, “Costanza 10 puppies”.

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Just a few days since the fresh air brought by the dog show arranged by Save the Dogs and unfortunately we are violently back to the Romanian reality thanks to some news reported by the magazine Replicaonline.

We are in Murfatlar, some kilometeres away from Medgidia and the scenario is still the same: hundreds of dogs, wandering in the streets, are considered by the population as a threat for themselves and their children.

The mayor has been elected for a few days and he certainly needs an occasion to show his action efficiency on the area. Thus, he called a public assembly where he promised to solve the situation in a week. How? The same old way, of course: the dogs will be caught thanks to the cooperation of a “specialized” company and they will be brought to the lager kennel in Costanza.

Unfortunately we from Save the Dogs perfectly know that these dogs’ destiny is a short time cruel death.

To catch his citizens’ consent, the mayor went further, letting understand that his decision will have positive effects also on the serious problem of unemployment that affects the area. Thus, how the easy subject of catching the dogs and pack them into the facility in Costanza is a way of creating jobs easily won Murfatlar citizens’ hearts.

Save the Dogs replies to this decision by inviting the Mayor Valentin Saghiu to visit our facilities to see how many real lasting jobs can be created by following the only effective and ethically acceptable method to solve the stray dog problem: neutering.

We remind Mister Saghiu that 45 regular hired people currently work in our shelters and we ask him to consider the results that the townships of Cernavoda and Medgidia achieved thanks to Save the Dogs work.

We ask all of you who care for Murfatlar dogs’ destiny to send a letter of protest by using the e-mail address or fax +40 0241 234 516. Of course it is also possible to post messages on the Township Facebook page.

As usual we recommend to use a firm but calm tone and to avoid all kinds of insults or vulgarity. This kind of language, besides backfiring, is against the way of communication of our association that would be irreparably damaged.

Many thanks to all of you who will be willing to help us with this awareness work.

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It’s been a long interview for Sara Turetta during the show “Parliamone in Famiglia” on Rai2 (italian national TV).
While images of our association story passed on the screen, the host Lorena Bianchetti lingered on Save the Dogs president’s particular course of life with great interest. As just a few days had passed since the Footprints of Joy opening event, they also talked about the new shelter and this extraordinary project.

The media attention toward Save the Dogs is growing bigger and this allows the matter we fight for everyday to be often in the spotlight. We are pleased about this and we would like our operative contribution in Romania to turn into awareness and respect toward animals in Italy. Also our Country needs not to “let down” on this matter and we are really grateful to the media that allow us to give our contribution to reflect.

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