During winter in Romania, the thermometer can fall to up to 20 degrees below zero.  It’s not only stray dogs, cats and horses that lose their lives in these temperatures, but also owned pets – often forced to live in appalling conditions.

In fact, ignorance or the lack of economic resources, prevent many people from providing their four-legged friends with adequate living conditions, and in some areas the complete absence of veterinary services does the rest.

In this bleak context, the intervention of the STD mobile clinic can make the difference between life and death for dozens of animals every day.

The month of October will see us engaged in a real race against time to ensure that in addition to the usual interventions, other important steps are taken to allow for dozens of dogs to survive during the cold season.

In  many cases, in order to save an animal’s life, a kennel to shelter them from freezing is enough, and our mobile clinic is already at work in the most critical areas to distribute kennels to the animals of destitute people.

Thanks to our repeated interventions, the furry members of this family in the village of Saligny have been sterilized and vaccinated, and are now also protected from the cold thanks to kennels donated by our staff.

There are hundreds of cases in which it would take very little to ensure the survival or more acceptable living conditions of many animals. Here at STD we do everything we can, but with your help we could do even more.

In order to do so, during the month of October, the STD mobile clinic will need all of you to reach more villages and provide many animals with care or shelter from the cold.

Your donation can help ensure the survival of many dogs next winter, and every contribution, no matter how small,  really makes a difference.

In order to donate to the mobile clinic, it’s possible to make a donation to our current account, inserting “Mobile Clinic” as the payment reference.

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Two years after Save the Dogs’ complaint for continuous brutal killings in the dog pound in Costanza, the town prosecutor has requested a dismissal. STD immediately requested an appeal through its lawyers, knowing that the corruption which governs the town will render the procedure lengthy and difficult

The procedures began in July 2010, as many will remember, when our association filed a formal complaint against the company that manages the town of Costanza’s dog pound, Alfmob. The terrible things that happen inside these walls were brought to light in the images shot by our cameraman with a hidden camera, where one can see the dogs being held by large pliers and killed by painful intrathoracic injections, without any anaesthetic, a practice still in use unfortunately, in this day and age. These are not only acts of great cruelty but are also against the law today in Romania, where it is unlawful to kill stray dogs, although this rule is not often followed in a large part of the country. In this occasion the pictures were shown on television in Romania which drove the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Franco Frattini, to take a strong position and also reached Italian newspapers.

We managed to create damages to Alfmob with our actions (they tried to restyle the company by changing its name into Puppy Vet srl) and also temporarily stopped catching dogs in the town of Cernavoda, town of STD’s main activities in Romania. Sadly the catching went on non-stop in Costanza and dozens of other towns around the country, where this company was called to capture and subsequently eliminate the poor four legged beings, with the complicity of local authorities, to the number of 600-700 strays per month (official numbers found in ASL registers of Costanza). Not many people know that this company receives- from the Town of Costanza alone- about 1 million euro per year for the management of dog catching activities. An enormous amount, inexplicable, especially when you see the miserable conditions in which the dogs are kept inside this structure.     

The procedures are now at risk of being shelved due to a request of dismissal which would render our work during the last 24 months totally useless. 
We will of course keep you well informed on the results of our procedures. In the mean time three little dogs, emaciated and frightened have been saved from certain death and brought to our shelter in Cernavoda to be adopted after the visit to our structures on behalf of our Finnish partners.

It is possible to make a donation to contribute to legal expenses and to the upkeep of the three saved dogs from the Public Dog pound of Costanza in August, even just a small one, through PayPal or through the association’s bank account.

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