We met Betty four years ago when her owner came to our clinic in Cernavoda for the sterilization. Unfortunately, we saw her again last summer when the same person returned with her to our premises asking if this time she can be put down. The reason why? Betty is 15 years old and given the presumed aches and pains which according to him, make her presence uncomfortable and bothersome.
There is no point saying that we asked the little one to be given to us and immediately we began searching for an international adoption. Not long after, Paola, who is a supporter of STD, fell in love with her. Betty is doing great now. She has a wonderful family in Monte Carlo and spends most of her time along the seafront where she loves taking a stroll on sunny days. A great big heartfelt thanks to Paola from all of us and congratulations to our Betty on her new life.

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Last December we had told you the dreadful story of a female labrador who was condemned by her owner – a semi-illiterate farm woman – to starve in a chicken run.
STD took her away from that dilapidated yard and little by little Maggie had regained her weight and joyful life.
Finally, after several months wait, thanks to the cooperation with the Diamoci la Zampa association, Maggie found a wonderful accomodation in Milan. Her new owner – who already owns a female labrador who looks like Maggie’s twin – informed us that our survivor is an extraordianry dog and that she is perfectly integrated in the new family, as the pictures show.

STD takes this opportunity to thank Diamoci la Zampa once again and all of the shelters that allow us to change their destiny for these unlucky animals.
To see all pictures of Maggie, from her rescue moment to present, you can visit the Facebook album.

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Pedro was taken away from a squalid yard in a village not far from Medgidia a few months ago. His owners had put a short chain around his neck tying him under a cart, had burnt his face with a scorching iron and barely fed him with some pieces of hard bread.
Pedro did not resist when the president of STD and some volunteers took him away from that horror yard, setting him free from the chain: when he reache Megdidia, Pedro was a scared dog, he had given up all hope by then.

Here he is, a few months later: a dog born again, both physically and spiritually, which seems to “smile” to Save the Dogs and all our supporters who make it possible to change the destiny of animals like him.
In order to see Pedro’s pictures today, you may visit the website of the association DogRescue, they are looking for a family for this guest of the Medgidia shelter.

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