Hunger, filth, disease and loneliness: this is the routine of the Romanian strays. Condemned without fault, most of the times they end their existence along the road, under the resigned look of the passers-by.

This would have been the destiny of Tumpy and Perla, two dogs who entered our clinics last week. Dirty and exhausted by starvation and disease, the two strays have had the good fortune to run into our operators who have saved them from certain death. (more…)

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Today is the International Day of Bequests, a recurrence that this year for the first time we decided to celebrate with you. We believe it is in fact a nice opportunity to thank you for all the support you are  giving to the animals in Romania but also to suggest a step ahead.

Unfortunately for many of us the word “bequest” is almost a taboo subject. Yet if we can break through the barrier that does not allow us a serene reflection, the Romanian animals would benefit for the years to come. In fact deciding to leave a bequest in favor of Save the Dogs means giving our love for dogs, cats, horses and donkeys the opportunity to continue making the difference.

A will is an action that can be done at any time of our lives, without penalizing our heirs and giving a future to our own ideals.

To find out more we invite you to consult your lawyer to get all the details in order to contemplate an eventual decision.

Think about it, a Romania respectful of its animals is a dream that together we can turn into reality!

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Ecosal public shelter (Galati, August 2014)

The rumor that has been circulating lately is now official: the Romanian Veterinary Authority set up a body responsible for animal protection. The newborn institution is called “Animal police”: eight inspectors only in Bucharest and an inspector for each province will monitor the animal living conditions in Romania. Among the facilities subject to future controls we also count the public kennels, which will have to comply with the Romanian legislation in order to continue their activities of strays capture, detention and euthanasia. (more…)

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Our President’s appeal:

“Dear Save the Dogs’ friends and supporters,

August is the month of a well-deserved rest for us all.

Yet there are some people who, during these weeks, continue working tirelessly, assisting numerous animals in need in Romania. Everyday they reach remote villages through the mobile clinic to assist the animals in the area, they offer home assistance to owned horse, particularly exploited in this period in the countryside, they drive our lucky dogs to the airport, assuring that they leave safely for Northern Europe.

These people are the operators of Save the Dogs Romania, for whom each day is a challenge, even when everyone seems to forget about them.

As a matter of fact even if everyone goes on vacation we cannot stop working, not even in August.

Let us feel that you do not forget about us and that, from a mountain trail or a sunny beach you still remember the seven hundred animals living in our shelters, whom you send a small donation. Our summer in Romania will be less difficult thanks to your precious support.

Thank you very much,

Sara Turetta.”

For donations:

By bank transfer

Save the Dogs and Other Animals Onlus, Via Pareto 36 20156 Milano

Bank: Credito Valtellinese

Iban: IT27 A 05216 01622 000000003000


By credit card through Paypal

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