About two weeks ago a video shot in Bucharest with a mobile phone showed a limping donkey that was pulling a cart overloaded with goods. Given the clear state of suffering of the donkey, Save the Dogs decided to immediately take action.


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He was found wondering on the street, disoriented and with a broken leg, after falling out from a moving van. Surely you must remember his story and how the people who alerted us, took him temporarily into their care. Seven months have passed, our donkey is leading a good life and the family which has taken him into their care in April, continues to care for him with great love. (more…)

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Just a few months ago we have brought to daylight the case of Johnny the donkey from Constanța, brutally beaten and finally saved by the intervention of the local Police force.

Many citizens informed us about an officer of the Police Station nr. 4 from Constanța, Vasile Petrescu, who has shown a great zeal in saving and confiscating on the sight the poor, gravely injured animal. (more…)

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We wish to transform the 4th of October, the feast of Saint Francisc and the World Animal Day, into something memorable this year, by celebrating with You our 11 years of activity and commitment in Romania.

In these sad days – which evoke the terrible events in 2001 (the year when the mass eradication of the stray dogs has begun) and which provoke the same indignation – we send out a message of hope to all the the world by sharing this 5 minutes long video which presents our everyday work for them: dogs, cats, horses and donkeys saved by the intervention of Save the Dogs.

Thanks to you, Save the Dogs has achieved real miracles in these past 11 years, and as long as you stand by us, we will continue our work, hoping to do even more.

Please, help us inform the people of our existence: share this little film on the Facebook and Twitter, send it to all of your friends and acquaintances, broadcast it in every possible way.

Now more than ever, the stray dogs of Romania need your help. Don’t abandon them to their fate!

(We would like to express our gratitude to Aldo Palvan and Marisei Bortolotti for the making of this film)

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