Just a few days since the fresh air brought by the dog show arranged by Save the Dogs and unfortunately we are violently back to the Romanian reality thanks to some news reported by the magazine Replicaonline.

We are in Murfatlar, some kilometeres away from Medgidia and the scenario is still the same: hundreds of dogs, wandering in the streets, are considered by the population as a threat for themselves and their children.

The mayor has been elected for a few days and he certainly needs an occasion to show his action efficiency on the area. Thus, he called a public assembly where he promised to solve the situation in a week. How? The same old way, of course: the dogs will be caught thanks to the cooperation of a “specialized” company and they will be brought to the lager kennel in Costanza.

Unfortunately we from Save the Dogs perfectly know that these dogs’ destiny is a short time cruel death.

To catch his citizens’ consent, the mayor went further, letting understand that his decision will have positive effects also on the serious problem of unemployment that affects the area. Thus, how the easy subject of catching the dogs and pack them into the facility in Costanza is a way of creating jobs easily won Murfatlar citizens’ hearts.

Save the Dogs replies to this decision by inviting the Mayor Valentin Saghiu to visit our facilities to see how many real lasting jobs can be created by following the only effective and ethically acceptable method to solve the stray dog problem: neutering.

We remind Mister Saghiu that 45 regular hired people currently work in our shelters and we ask him to consider the results that the townships of Cernavoda and Medgidia achieved thanks to Save the Dogs work.

We ask all of you who care for Murfatlar dogs’ destiny to send a letter of protest by using the e-mail address consiliu-local@primaria-murfatlar.ro or fax +40 0241 234 516. Of course it is also possible to post messages on the Township Facebook page.

As usual we recommend to use a firm but calm tone and to avoid all kinds of insults or vulgarity. This kind of language, besides backfiring, is against the way of communication of our association that would be irreparably damaged.

Many thanks to all of you who will be willing to help us with this awareness work.

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The dog-catchers have returned to Cernavoda. Last Thursday they have caught many stray dogs, while the local police has protected them from the citizens’ protests.  Also Save the Dogs workers who have rushed to the location and took pictures of the new catchings.
The strategy is like always: indulge public opinion which is favorable to dog-catching to allow the Mayor to be reelected in the next council elections.
The work of Save the Dogs of the past ten years is subject to a new hard blow and hundreds of dogs will be locked up and killed in the killing-pound of Costanza. These dogs are peaceful, well-groomed, sterilized by Save the Dogs and identified by a colorful tag on the ear which is completely visible. The Mayor of Cernavoda wants to therefore show that they are capable of intervening in a situation of straying which in any case has already been reduced to the minimum through the work by our association.
As soon as we heard the news of what was happening on the streets, we took action to block the sterilizations and opened the doors of the shelter to all the dogs that we were able to take in. Although our structure is overcrowded, we cannot allow any of them to be released on the territory for a long time. Unfortunately, the action by the town administration is in perfect continuity with what has already happened in the past, when Save the Dogs brought to light the dog-pound situation of Costanza and took steps to report the company, Alfmob, who are commissioned to carry out the captures. The affair caused uproar both in Romanian public opinion as well as internationally and with regard to the issue, the Foreign Minister at the time Franco Frattini intervened in a determined manner.

In spite of the condemnations and stance, nothing seems to have changed since then and it appears that an average of 600 dogs are wiped out each month in that circle of hell, thanks to a complaisant doctor that declares that all the dogs are “incurably ill”.
In many occasions we have been able to notice that society’s mobilization can produce its results if seriously conducted and directed. For this, we ask you to pressure the Town of Cernavoda asking them to immediately end the captures (once again contracted out to Alfmob) and remind the administration of the city of Law 9/2008 which in fact, in Romania does not allow the killings. You can send your protests using the text that you can find HERE to the town emails: primaria@cernavoda.ro and primaria.cernavoda@yahoo.com or by fax 0040241239578 and 0040241487124.

Thanks for your help.

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This video, edited by our Finnish partner Hemlosa Hundars Vanner, shows how catchings of stray dogs are performed in Romania. Beside this, it features the shelter in Constanza (“Biobaza”, managed by Alfmob company) where dogs from Cernavoda are actually taken.

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