He was found wondering on the street, disoriented and with a broken leg, after falling out from a moving van. Surely you must remember his story and how the people who alerted us, took him temporarily into their care. Seven months have passed, our donkey is leading a good life and the family which has taken him into their care in April, continues to care for him with great love. (more…)

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The donkey we saved a few days ago in Stefan cel Mare, a village nearby Cernavoda, has fallen from a truck or perhaps a cart that transported him.
After being notified, our veterinaries tried to help the animal that was lying on the street, enduring the pain caused by the numerous terrible wounds he had, besides the broken hoof.Due to the deep cuts and wounds on his skin the animal had infections which made the use of strong anesthetic and antibiotics necessary. The animal is at the present in the custody of the family who notified the STD regarding this case. This is a family well known to us, as they were the beneficiaries of our home medical assistance services that we provide to the donkeys. This case indeed is a double success for STD. First we indeed managed succeeded  to save the animal from a long and painful agony; on the other hand it has been confirmed that our program with the donkeys which has private owners are in good hands, and they do make people take responsibility in order to improve the living conditions of these often mistreated animals.

Please, be a part of this STD project! You are invited to make a donation for our cause of “Assistance for donkeys in private ownerships”.

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A couple of weeks ago we received a phone call at the Save the Dogs headquarter from Tulcea County. It came from an owner who could not take care of his donkey any longer, requesting our help in offering shelter to the animal. Winter is a very difficult time of year for the people living in Romanian villages, because they don’t have the means to stock the necessary quantity of hay and they cannot secure even the most necessary supplies for their animals.
We do not know how this man had heard about us, but when we met him we saw that he was a good-hearted and generous person, who decided to donate the donkey to STD instead of selling him to a slaughterhouse (more…)

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Our Facebook page followers know the story of Liviu, of his animals and of his little donkey, Vasile.

Liviu lives in a village which is not far away from Medgidia and shares his tin hut with a dozen of dogs and his courtyard with a donkey and some chained dogs.
Liviu is not an evil person but, as it often happens in Romania, has lost contact with reality. That is why, even if he shows love for his animals, he does not understand that the way he keeps them and the lack of food and care cause these animals immense suffering.

Sara Turetta intervened in person together with the Medgidia staff. Initially, we  supported the man by giving him food, hay and beds. We gave him light and long chains to replace the one he was using to prevent his dogs from running away: the man explained that he had to use those chains because a neighbor had threatened to kill any animals he would find in his property.

Later on, we managed to get him to surrender 8 dogs, two of which were on a very short chain, promising him that we would go back and take care  of Vasile, a little old donkey much loved by his owner but kept in pitiful conditions. The donkey had had several owners before Liviu took him in some years ago. His back is broken because of all the years working as beast of burden. Since coming to live with Liviu, the donkey had finally stopped working and found some peace.  Despite his love for the donkey, Liviu was not able to understand his needs and his suffering.

The donkey, who is now 22 years old, lived for a long time inside a dark and small storage room where he could not even turn around. He was not fed enough and his teeth and hooves were in terrible conditions. In order to convince the man to surrender the donkey, we had to show him pictures of the Save the Dogs shelter, and only once he understood that his donkey would have lived the rest of his days in a nice place, taken care of and fed, he allowed us to take him away.

We took Vasile with us, leaving his then former owner with some useful things such as clothes and anti-parasitic medications for the animals still in his care. The donkey is proven by a life of hardship but, thanks to the support of our vet doctors, we are sure he will be able to live well the rest of his life at the Save the Dogs donkey shelter.

Of course, we will follow up this case,  and we will try to convince Liviu to surrender the other dogs who live with him in a dirty run-down room full of fleas. Thanks to DogRescue, our partner, we will guarantee food and vet care to Liviu’s animals, hoping that one day he will decide to leave that hut and move to the city with some relatives.

Animal cruelty is not always the result of man’s wickedness. Sometimes it might be the result of a context or story – a personal story together with the social context of a country. Nevertheless, this does not mean that we do not need to take action. By telling you this story, we hope we have been able to open your mind, and that we have given you an idea of the conditions in which our staff work and the efforts we make every day to do our job in a ethical and humane manner – because we need to consider animals and humans as well.

If you would like to support our private animal rescue activities, you can make a donation by using the description “Rescue”.

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