Save the Dogs’ mobile clinic is on the road again! Also this year it will reach the villages of the province of Constanta to sterilize and register the owned animals in the area for free.

2014 was a year of records: in just five months of activity the medical staff of our mobile unit sterilized as much as 816 dogs and cats. This year we want to do even more!


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Paul just rescued

January 2014: Filippo Agostino, the Director of Save the Dogs Romania, enters our clinic in Medgidia with a puppy in his arms that he had just picked up from the roadside. Hit by a car, the puppy would not have survived if our director would not have rescued him. Assisted by our veterinarians little Paul, who would have become the mascot of the center, started a long and difficult rehabilitation. (more…)

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Pixi in Cernavoda

Pixi is a Romanian dog that flew to Sweden to start a new life. Shortly after her arrival she was diagnosed with bilateral dysplasia of the hips. Considering the huge cost that such an intervention would have had in Sweden, together with our partner Hundhjalpen we decided to operate on Pixi in Italy.

The dog, which arrived in Milan a few days ago, will undergo surgery tomorrow. Pixi’s surgery and her hospitalization after the operation will cost around 2300 Euros.

Will you help us to cover this amount and give another chance to Pixi, which is eager to go back to Sweden?

Donate now by credit card.

Thank you!

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The Romanian President Klaus Iohannis

Dear Mr. President Iohannis,

The person who is writing you is an Italian woman who 13 years ago decided to move to Romania and help some communities to solve the dramatic problem of stray dogs, while seeking to alleviate the suffering of many abandoned animals.

I know that these words may seem naive if compared to the very serious national and international issues that you are facing. Yet the recent events involving the shelter in Năvodari convinced me to write to you, assuming the risk of being considered naive.

I am deeply convinced that the civil struggles aimed at uplifting the ethics of a nation are always worth fighting, even when they involve beings – like animals – which are considered “a minor issue”. Moreover your election filled with hope all those people who have appreciated the wise and pragmatic way in which you handled the phenomenon of stray dogs in your city and I think that through this letter I may become the spokesperson for them all.

You, dear President, are giving important cues for the fight against corruption and against an old approach of doing politics. I invite you to fight against corruption also by initiating a revision process of an unfair law tackling stray dogs, which only enforces influence paddling and produces barbarity.

Thousands of dogs leave Romania each year to find salvation in other Member States, becoming the silent ambassadors of the less fortunate animals that remain to suffer and die. Through these animals your country entered into the hearts of many citizens in Sweden, Finland, Germany, Switzerland and Italy, all watching with concern and deep suffering what is continuously happening since 2001 in your country.

My plea – as a European and Italian citizen adopted by your country – is to send a message of hope for all those people for good in Romania and abroad, strongly asking for a change of direction of the government on the rights of stray dogs.

Please do not disappoint, dear Mr. President Iohannis, all those people who see in you the hope for a real change in Romania, not ignoring the animal rights, closely related to people rights.


Sara Turetta


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