As our supporters well know, our main activity at the veterinary centers of Save the Dogs in Romania is neutering stray dogs and cats. Because of the great number of local abandonment, the healthy animals, capable of surviving on the streets, are released after spending a short time at our shelters.

But this is not the way things always go on. (more…)

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We do not know what were the sad circumstances that brought the poor dog Cindy, who’s name was given by the staff at Medgidia, into this regrettable situation. When we have saved her, we saw that she has suffered some severe injuries on the scull that resulted in an eye that simply fell out of the orbit, so we needed to remove it immediately we have reached the clinic. Was the injury the result of a beating, or just an unhappy incident? Unfortunately we might never know for certain what has happened, even though it is possible that her condition was the result of a greatly neglectful conduct just as it has happened in many cases before. (more…)

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In Medgidia there is a warehouse for waste metal, under the administration of one of the town’s “boss”. In this small space, amongst  dust and rubbish, a gentle, harmless pack of 13 dogs have found a shelter. Followed by a notification, we have visited this place for the first time a few months ago, to examine the dreadful conditions these animals had to suffer. The dogs lived in filth, they were dehydrated, starving and they were also obviously ill. That time we did not manage the owner to place the dogs under our custody, and we could not count on the intervention of the police either. As it is not in our habit to give up, we have made a second visit, and this time we have succeeded in convincing the owner to place the faith of the dogs’ in our hands, apart from two of them, as they had better living conditions, than the others. We will continue to keep them under our close observation.

Amongst the dogs saved there were Bozo, Hera and Max, three lovely, cute and fluffy dogs of 2 years of age, who were very thin and also suffered greatly because of the infections that attacked their skin and eyes. fter a few months spent in our shelter from Medgidia, thanks to the medical treatment, the proper food and the attention they have received from us, these three dogs have became sociable, playful and beautifully healthy. Bozo and Max are in Sweden now, being adopted by two families, and now they have all the love they deserve, and we are confident that the future holds the same kind of happiness for Hera as well. Hereby we would like to send our best wishes to these two dogs in their new lives, and also we would like to express our gratitude towards DogRescue, one of our Scandinavian partners, and with their help we also hope to find a home for the larger animals as well.

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Sabina used to live in the courtyard of a company in Medgidia; the workers used to feed and take care of her and other stray dogs. After attending to her sterilization, we came to the decision of entrusting her to those who had looked after her till then. Things changed drastically when, out of the blue, the owner of the company forbade his personnel to feed her and the other dogs living in the area. When our staff arrived there for carrying out an inspection, Sabina was so weak and underfed that she was about starving. Though our refuge was overloaded, we decided to hold her and give her a strong restorative treatment; to this end, we also asked for our supporters’ cooperation. Sabina’s conditions were dreadful.

Currently, thanks to our therapy and to the supporters’ help, Sabina has completely recovered and has been adopted in Sweden, where she lives with a brand new family! At the following link you will see her playing and running with her new friend Ben. Another happy end thanks to Save the Dogs and its followers!

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