This Christmas we are helping to feed abandoned animals!

Every year, thousands of abandoned cats and dogs run the risk of not surviving the winter, unless we act now.

You too can fill a bowl for an abandoned dog or cat.

Between the months of November and February, we aim to distribute 400,000 meals to thousands of animals whose lives are at risk due to the cold weather.
But to do this, we need your help.

A full bowl represents the possibility of restoring a sense of dignity to an animal.



During the winter months, the need for food becomes even more critical for animals living on the streets, who roam about, desperately seeking their next meal.

To make matters worse, all too often they are also either injured or sick, which only makes an already dire situation even worse.

Just one single meal can make a very real difference to a cat or dog living on the street!

The animals you will help feed



Intervento Romania

We will more than double the number of food distribution points in areas where we know the presence of stray animals is most prevalent. Your contribution will be literally converted into food for the animals belonging to the poorest families living in the villages close to our centre in Cernavoda.


(Odessa, Mykolaiv, Kharkiv)

 Innocent victims of the conflict, the survival of over 4,000 animals is dependent on the food supplies we are able to send to 30 shelters every month and to the more than 400 volunteers who risk their lives every day in order to feed them.


(Calabria, Campania)

Our partners are fighting to ensure the survival of stray dogs. Winter is definitely the cruelest time, particularly in some of the more mountainous areas. It is imperative we provide the animals with as much food as possible to help them cope with the cold weather.



The Save the Dogs Street Unit is a vital source of support for Milan’s homeless dogs.

Every week we distribute food and other supplies that are essential for their survival and well-being.

At Christmas time, abandoned
animals badly need your help!