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Carolina will have a new life!

Find out her story

Carolina will have a new life!

Find out her story

Carolina will have a new life in Germany thanks to many friends who helped her with a donation.

Nothing is left nowadays of the sick and sad dog imprisoned in a small enclosure: today Carolina is joyful, full of life and above all, healthy!

We are sure that if she could, she would lick your face and thank you one by one for donating her a new life.

The first time Stella saw her, Carolina was a battered white fluffy little thing, locked up in a private courtyard (click here and watch the video of day we found her). The owner had always neglected her, letting the mange attack her skin, never curing her.

Stella, with a broken heart, began negotiations with the owner to surrender  the dog, initially proposing to take care of her at home.
After exhausting negotiations, we convinced the owner to hand us Carolina, who is now safe in our veterinary hospital!

This is Stella’s message to thank you:

“Dear friends, we did it!

Carolina is finally with us: watch it in the video in which she finds relief in the hands of our vets.

Her conditions are critical and the treatment will be very long, so I have to ask your help once more: a donation will allow Carolina’s recovery, and I am sure you will want to help her.

Thank you very much! … I’ll keep you updated!”


International adoptions department

Your donation means a life for Carolina and for many dogs in her same condition.
Help her now!