Emma - La nuova sfida di Save the Dogs

Emma: the disabled foal that moved the web!

Read my story below

She had been thrown out of a car when she was just 8 days old because of her deformed snout, a serious genetic defect which would not have allowed her to become a good “work machine”.

Thanks to the donations received following a plea and because of her popularity on social media, we have been able to take care of  her and she gained weight and strength. Soon Emma will be forced to abandon the milk she was fed with until now and she will need to switch to adult feeding, but without a jaw surgery she will not be able to eat.

A veterinary clinic in Cluj connected to the Veterinary Faculty of the city is willing to examine her case and to assess whether the operation is a viable route. This is why we ask you to continue following us with crossed fingers … and if the story of Emma moved you, please, consider doing something more: donate to cover the costs of this first period of her hospitalization in Cluj!

Without Save the Dogs and without you, the fate of Emma is marked.

Donate to support Emma’s care and hospitalization

If you had seen me you would have helped me for sure! But you weren’t there, while I wandered lost on those huge streets as an eight days old little foal.
My name is Emma and today I want to tell you my story.


A few days ago my owner decided to get rid of me. I think he was convinced that because of my deformed muzzle, I could not become a strong and healthy mare, fit to pull the cart. He probably thought it was better to dump me somewhere. I was only 8 days old when he took me away from my mom and loaded me in a car with two dogs that he used to keep on a chain in the yard with us.

So he put us all on an old Dacia to take us away. Probably my owner didn’t want the neighbors to see him while he dumped us like three sacks along the way, so he took us to another village where nobody knew him. We were all three lost and terrified! You surely would never have abandoned us.
Then suddenly my two dog friends ran away looking for food and I found myself alone. I was very afraid. I wandered for a while on those muddy roads but nobody seemed to notice me. I was transparent.

But then suddenly a car stopped: a gentleman got out of the car and came up to me, stroking me: finally someone who noticed me …!

Then other people also approached us and a girl even tried to give me milk with her hands, because she realized that I was so hungry.

Then there was a heated discussion among the people around me: they didn’t know what to do with me. After a while, however, I heard that they were talking about an association that could possibly help me: I think it is called Save the Dogs and they found it by searching the phone (I don’t really know how they did it). I listened and I realized that the local police were talking to a doctor, a woman named Roxana. Despite being 100 km from the place where we were, the association had decided to help me: at that moment I realized that maybe I would have ended up in good hands!

So, after an hour, this lady doctor arrived, along with another veterinarian. Looking at my crooked teeth he immediately understood from the incisors that I was only 8 days old and I heard that he was talking about a certain Gregor, another foal found abandoned a few months ago, but he was bigger than me at the time of his discovery …

So they put me on the van, making me lie on a soft blanket, and Roxana sat with me on the back, not to leave me alone. She realized that I missed my mother very much and that I was so scared.

After an hour of travel we arrived in a beautiful place: a true paradise! It is called Footprints of Joy. They made me a straw bed and immediately brought me a bottle of delicious milk.

Farther away, instead, a few meters from my stable, I hear neighing of other horses: I don’t know how many there are, but one in particular, that Gregor of which I had already heard, is very talkative and told me to be quiet, because here I’m safe. He too was nursed for a long time last summer and had difficult moments (they had even put him on a drip from how much he was dehydrated, poor him), but now he has grown and he is very well.

My case, however, is a little bit more delicate: this crooked little face could create problems for me later, when my liquid food will become solid and I will have to start ruminating, and it is not clear if I will be able to chew properly forage. My future is still wrapped in uncertainty, but I know that YOU and Save the Dogs will do everything possible to help me grow despite this handicap that makes me so special.

Thank you!




For further information about Emma or Save the Dogs contact our team: tel. +39 0239445900, e-mail info@savethedogs.eu