Feed the animals to survive the winter time! 

Where stray dogs and cats are a daily crisis, winter is a threat to the survival of thousands of street animals.

Your donation will keep animals alive during winter

The animals you will save


The need for food and supplies for homeless dogs and cats is as desperate as ever.

With another winter approaching, we need to send more food, dog houses, blankets, dog jackets, and food distributors made of pipes.

Without your help more than 9,000 dogs and cats will be left without food, and many animals unprepared to survive the winter.

Save the Dogs is the only organization supporting them in more than 100 cities and towns, and without your help, thousands of animals would starve, and even more puppies and kittens would die on the streets.


In Cernavoda, Romania, our shelter has reached maximum capacity. On the streets, the situation is dramatic.

The strays have a very hard and often short life. Now winter is threatening their lives.

We need to double the food distribution points in the areas where strays are most prevalent.

Your help will provide food and kennels for the animals of poor families in the villages around our shelter.