The story of little Jolly: from a courtyard in Romania to a loving family in Sweden

For Jolly, those of being tied to a chain are just past memories.
After a long period of veterinary treatment and assistance at Footprints of Joy, Jolly was finally welcomed into a real family.

This is a story with a happy ending that we are able to tell, thanks to you. There are still too many owned dogs living in unacceptable conditions: they have too short chains around their necks, and are exposed to the winter weather.

This Christmas give food, care and warmth to owned dogs living in desperate conditions.

There are thousands of owned dogs living tied to chains. They are tied all day long, unable to move and not even able to reach the bowls of water and food.

These animals are deprived of their dignity: exposed to the heat in summer and extreme cold in winter: their shelters are poorly made, with wooden boards and sheet metal roofs. They are not treated if they get sick. Too often, they are left to die.

Their owners are so poor that they cannot afford to take care of them in the best possible way.