Too Many Puppies


Census of strays in the Eastern Neapolitan area

New partnership for Save the Dogs, who decided to use the experience of the Stray Dogs International Project researchers (very well known for their project in Morocco) to survey  the number of strays present in the Neapolitan areas where we are intervening by offering free sterilizations.

The decision arose from the need to assess the impact of our project, which aims to reduce the number of entrances in local dog kennels and the number of strays roaming towns like Licola Mare, Licola Alta and Lago Patria.

I cani di Licola, Stray Dogs con Save The Dogs and other Animals

Chi sono i cani di Licola e come vivono? Siamo andati a conoscerli con Save the Dogs and other Animals, Sara Turetta e Associazione Animalista Oreste Zevola per collaborare al nuovo progetto #nonunoditroppo sui cosiddetti ‘cani vaganti’. Venite con noi alla scoperta di questa esperienza che si preannuncia unica anche grazie ad una grande e importantissima novità tecnologica firmata Stray Dogs

Pubblicato da Stray Dogs International Project su Giovedì 4 luglio 2019

We also wanted to offer our local partner’s volunteers an innovative technological tool, almost never used in Italy for structured projects, an important help to understand the dynamics of stray dogs and to better supervise the action of the various people involved.
We hope the project will continue for 2-3 years, in order to evaluate the figures of roaming dogs following our spay and neuter activity