Save the Dogs and other Animals Onlus

Our numbers in Romania
2019: lots of sterilizations while adoptions are lowering

We would like to share with our donors and partners some data about Save the Dogs work in 2019.

Let’s start with Romania and the Footprints of Joy dog ​​and cat program.

Our medical team in Cernavoda has performed 1,380 free sterilizations, including 649 dogs and 731 cats, confirming once again the greater availability of Romanians to neuter their cats.

Of these 1,380, 935 refer to animals with an owner while the remaining 445 concern stray animals.

There were 254 dogs and cats welcomed in our shelters throughout the year (after a transit in the clinic), while 18 first aid interventions were done every month (210 in total).

Adoptions declined further due to the loss of some partners and the strong competition between associations that send dogs from Eastern and Southern Europe.

251 animals have found a loving family, of which only 6 in Romania and the remaining 245 abroad. All updated data are visible at this page of our site, with the breakdown country by country, year by year.