Animal Hospital

Footprints of Joy covers an area of 7,5 hectares of land of Save the Dogs property and is located on the hills with vineyards overlooking the valley of the Danube. This is a wonderful location just 5 km far from Cernavoda and 4 km from the Highway of the Sun, also reported on Tripadvisor as a tourist attraction.

At this point we ask for a small imagination effort: think of an area of 15,000 square km, bigger than Northern Ireland. This is the extension of the area around Cernavoda totally lacking a veterinary clinic. The small ambulatories do not guarantee an acceptable level of care and surgeries for dogs and cats. One has to drive to Constanta or Bucharest (220 km far from each other) to receive qualified veterinary assistance.

The lack of infrastructure together with the shortage of qualified personnel represent serious problems for Romania.

The reasons which led Save the Dogs to build the new clinic appear therefore clear: only thanks to a modern structure we can ensure optimal care to approximately 2,000 animals per year and save hundreds of lives that have no alternative.

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Dogs neutered: 561 of which 332 with owner and 229 strays
Cats sterilized: 657 of which 510 with owner and 147 strays