The cattery

Also cats do not have an easy life in Romania. Many of them are victims of abandonment and find themselves in the condition to live on the streets, suffering from disease and malnutrition.

It is not uncommon to find injured cats because attacked by stray dogs, hit by cars or victims of abuses. Equally frequent are the cats that are being abandoned in our facilities by owners both irresponsible or forced to emigrate for economic reasons.

Apart from sterilizing for free hundreds of cats each year (both strays and owned) Save the Dogs has also created an adequate shelter for them.

In June 2016 we opened the new cattery Footprints of Joy in Cernavoda. This was possible thanks to a funding of € 23,000 from three different foundations: Prima Spes (Italy), Cats on Death Row (USA) and Help Animals International (Scotland).
The property is located in a quiet area, close to the horses’ stables and at a safe distance from the dog shelter and consists of an illuminated and heated mobile house and a large outdoor area of over 200 square meters. Designed to house maximum 18 cats, the cattery is equipped with all comforts and a careful division of space, so that the animals may await for adoption in an environment without stress. Only in this way our kittens will become sociable, ready to be adopted. Both the interior and exterior of the cattery has been studied and designed by the counselor and feline specialist Alessandra Farina.


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