Thousands of animals  are still roaming the streets in villages all over Ukraine.
We need to act quickly and support our partners so that we can increase the number of sterilizations and prevent the uncontrolled birth of puppies, who will be born homeless and run a high risk of perishing in the cold and eventually starving to death.



Since the beginning of the conflict, we have sent 615,000 kilograms of food, 455 kennels, blankets and coats to help the animals survive the winter.

We have been able to do this solely thanks to the generosity of so many people, and with the sheer force and courage of the hundreds of volunteers who risk their lives every day to care for all the animals that have been left alone. The situation of these animals is dire..

Our partners’ shelters are without funds and their facilities are in a state of disrepair. Despite these difficulties, they continue to take the best care possible of their animals, as well as those left alone wandering the streets.

There are many puppies roaming freely in the deserted streets in search of food, but there is not enough of it to go around.

Help us take action now!