During the Christmas season, offer the most beautiful present of them all: your love for animals

Why not break away from your usual gift choices for your loved ones and present them with something truly special this year, by giving them the precious gift of your love for animals.

By making this choice, you’ll be transforming two lives for the better, leaving a positive impact not only on the animal that receives the gift but also on the person it’s intended for.

What your gift represents for the animals

Thanks to your donation, our residents will benefit from your personal gift. But your help will do even more:

it will be transformed into food, treatment and protection for all the animals cared for at our center in Romania and by our Save the Dogs’ partners in Campania and Calabria.

Palline di Natale 2023 Save the Dogs
Palline di Natale 2023 Save the Dogs

What your loved one will receive

Your loved one will receive a beautiful Christmas card that you can download and send to them, a symbol of your love for animals.

Palline di Natale 2023 Save the Dogs
Palline di Natale 2023 Save the Dogs

Donate now, offer the most beautiful gift of them all

Choose your gift for Oscar, Grace or Ferdi and make Christmas Day truly special for one of them.

Your help will be transformed into food, medical care and protection for the animals who need it most!

Choose your gift

Laura, Calabria

A sweet treat that also plays a vital role in aiding the animals’ socialization process.

Iris, Romania

Essential for stimulating curiosity in both dogs and cats.

Arturo, Campania

These toys reduce the stress of the routine of kennel life and help the animals relax.

Gilda, Romania

Vital aids to help dogs in the process of socialization with dog trainers.

Choose your gift and download a christmas card to send to your loved one!