Campania’s sterilization programme is expanding in 2022

The ‘Too Many Puppies’ program which was first launched in 2019 in the region of Naples continues to grow, and we have now officially extended the initiative to the Casertano area.

Following Sara Turetta and Giuliana Adamo’s recent visit in the fall, Save the Dogs offered to cover the funding for the sterilization of 100 dogs at the Rifugio del Cane San Francesco (San Francesco Dog Shelter) in Castelvolturno.
Over one hundred plastic pallet beds for the older dogs and Molossus mastiffs had already been delivered to the shelter during 2021. Home to more than 300 animals, we knew right away that this shelter deserved our full support.

And the good news just keeps getting better: this year, thanks to our financial contribution, our local partner the Associazione Animalista Oreste Zevola (the Oreste Zevola Animal Association), will also be able to sterilize 80 cats in the Licola Mare area as well as the 200 dogs already in the program, and will continue their collaboration with the local ARPAD shelter.

The expansion of the Caserta project is part and parcel of our strategy to reinforce local animal rights organizations, which uphold lawful principles in areas otherwise plagued by organized crime and serious social and environmental problems.