Footprints of Joy

Frost Emergency


Help us save lives


We knew it would come, but this year the cold weather has arrived earlier than expected.

In Cernavoda, as everywhere in Romania, people and animals are struggling with a wave of frost that puts a strain on life outside and inside our shelter.

Save the Dogs staff has already activated all the procedures to cope with this difficult period: we have increased the food quantities to our guests, to allow them to better withstand the low temperatures, and every day we put a lot of straw in the kennels, already warmed by special panels.

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But our attention is not limited to the guests of Footprints of Joy. The neediest, in fact, are the dogs without owners roaming the streets and the working horses, often left with no shelter by their owners. Our operators make available large quantities of dry food for the strays in strategic points of the city and, with a door-to-door work, they distribute capes to repair the working horses.

In this period of the year our efforts double.
Donate straw and food to the strays of Cernavoda, and help our staff protect the horses from bad weather conditions.

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