Geronimo is out of danger!

Geronimo was extremely sick, tired and hungry. Your help was absolutely crucial in ensuring he received the life-saving treatment he so badly needed.

Thankfully, Geronimo is now out of danger, but he still needs ongoing treatment. He suffers from a number of diseases, including leishmania, and is currently being cared for at the sanctuary in Licola Mare. Over the next few days he will be tested again to see how well he is responding to his course of therapy. We feel confident that he will make a full recovery.

Despite having experienced suffering and abandonment, Geronimo is a sociable dog and has a wonderful character.

In the video you can see him wagging his tail serenely at the shelter in the company of our collaborators at the Oreste Zevola association.

As soon as Geronimo is completely well and back on his feet again, we will be looking for a family willing to take him in and give him the affection and attention he deserves.

Without the help of our supporters it would have been impossible for Geronimo to survive his injuries and hope to one day find a family that will adopt him. 

Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts to all our supporters for your invaluable help.