Footprints of Joy

A love with no limits


To see him wagging his tail next to his new family, or throwing himself casually onto the sofa, you wouldn’t think that until just a few months ago Wally was in danger of losing his life. 

Like thousands of strays in Romania, it was a struggle for Wally to survive from the very outset, and as is so often the case, he contracted a serious disease that if left untreated would have most certainly led to his death: namely, mange.

Luckily for him, he was taken care of by our staff in Cernavoda and, thanks to the help of our supporters, Wally’s worst days are now a distant memory. He made a full recovery and was able to continue his rehabilitation at our clinic.

Even more luckily, he has been rescued by an amazing person. One of the Canadian soldiers who found him near the NATO base could not put Wally’s suffering out of his mind, or the whimpering sounds that moved us all. He chose to adopt him and take him back with him to Canada.

So Wally flew to Canada earlier in March to start his new life. And it was love at first sight for Wally and his new family! 

Thank you to all of our supporters for making this possible.