Simona Halep

Following the dramatic events of last week, Save the Dogs’ President calls on World Tennis Champion Simona Halep inviting her to take action against the killing of the strays in her city.

Dear Simona,
I am writing you from Romania, where my association has been working for 16 years on behalf of the abandoned animals.

In this moment you are definitely female tennis champion nr. 1 and your talent has all eyes on it. You are the pride of your country and young people consider you an example to follow.

Today, dear Simona, you have another  great opportunity: to become nr. 1 also for the rights of the abandoned animals in your city Constanta and use your influence for a better change.

Unfortunately your city is well known for having managed the stray dogs phenomenon in a very cruel and inhumane way.  DSC08072Since many years the kennel “Biobaza” has been a death place, where animals used to await for the end in miserable conditions.

Our complaints and the mobilization of many Romanians managed to obtain the close down of this place. Yet unfortunately a new similar place was opened in Ovidiu, close to Constanta.

The pictures shot in this place, showing dying animals surrounded by excrements, spread all over the globe.  The “Green Life Recycling” company receives a huge amount of money to capture and kill the stray dogs, money that is not being used to improve the living conditions inside the kennel.

In this terrible place arrive thousands of dogs from all the county, included Cernavoda, the city where our association operates.
Public money is being used to enforce only a part of the law, namely the one that allows euthanasia, while the part regarding compulsory sterilization and the prohibition of abandonment is being totally ignored.

What I am asking you is to take action against this situation and to invite the mayor of Constanta and the mayors of the entire county to close the contracts with those companies that accommodate the animals waiting for death in such appalling conditions.

Please, tell municipalities that they have to work in order to prevent the phenomenon and not only manage the “top of the iceberg”, condemning the animals because of uncivilized human behaviour.
If mayors want to continue killing the dogs we might not succeed in stopping them but we do have the right to demand the respect of the law, which clearly enounces the minimum conditions for the functioning of the kennels.

I hope you may welcome this call and become the champion of animals’ rights in your country. 


Sara Turetta

Presidente Save the Dogs and other Animals Onlus