We do not know exactly for how many days this horse was left without food, but judging by his state of serious emaciation when he entered our sanctuary must have been at least 20.

His owner, a man with mental disorders who used him to pull a cart, was taken to a health facility and so the horse has been left to himself.

When our operators have intercepted the horse, his situation was already very compromised and we can say that this is without a doubt one of the most terrible cases we have faced in these 15 years.

Alex – so was called by our staff – has more than 20 years, is completely blind in one eye and is struggling to stand on his feet. His physical condition also make us think about other diseases, a hypothesis which will be confirmed once we have the results of his examinations.

Alex was welcomed in our shelter two weeks ago and with each day passing our hopes increase. He collapsed to the ground twice in this period but with the help of our staff he stood up.

He has appetite, is very affectionate and seems not to want to leave this life, which so far has not been very generous with him. We will do our best to offer him even only a few months of decorous life in our sanctuary.

UPDATE: three weeks after his entry in our sanctuary Alex left us. We know that we have done everything we could and that without us he would have died alone from starvation. With us at least he lived the last days of his life with dignity. Bye Alex!