From an highway to the warmth of home: the story of Ralph

Ralph, abbandonato in autostrada completamente cieco, è stato salvato da una nostra operatrice

When a Save the Dogs’ worker found him, he was walking lonely and abandoned on the highway that from Cernavoda arrives to Bucarest.

Just a few seconds later this story could have been dramatic: the little dog is completely blind. But, thanks to the prompt intervention of our staff, Ralph was taken to our clinic for a check. Here he found the love and cares of our vets that vaccinated him and tested him against the main diseases and put into our program of international adoption.

The luck of little Ralph continues. A few days ago we heard the news we was all waiting for: our friend was chosen by a family in Sweden and soon he will leave for his new home!

Stories like these prove how fundamental our works is for the life of a lot of animals that without us will have no hope. Tin order to continue writing happy endings like this we need our help: please donate now and help us change the lives of even more animals!

17523686_1455776704445236_815697904133345632_nUPDATE MARCH 2017: our little friend has arrived in Sweden, where he met his adopter and his second life in his new home has just begun.17554495_1455776734445233_1038502561547111296_n