Footprints of Joy

Wally’s new life

Back in November, a seriously ill 5-month-old puppy was brought to our clinic in Cernavoda. He had been found by Canadian soldiers at the NATO base and was badly in need of our help. Follow Wally’s first few hours at the Cernavoda clinic.

It was clear that Wally was suffering from a severe form of mange, a terrible disease that inevitably leads to death if the animal does not receive the necessary urgent care straight away. We took immediate action by administering life-saving treatments of medicated baths, injections and support of his immune system, as well as giving Wally the love and attention he so needed.

The first few weeks were filled with a mixture of fear and hope: we were not sure that Wally would make it.

However, thanks to the help of our supporters, the worst is behind us. Wally is making a good recovery and is continuing his rehabilitation at our clinic.

And the good news doesn’t stop there! Wally is also being prepared for something even more extraordinary: a new life with a family that will welcome him into their home.
One of the Canadian soldiers who found him near the NATO base could not put Wally’s suffering out of his mind, or the whimpering sounds that moved us all, and so he has decided to adopt him and take him back to Canada once he is fully recovered.

Wally will stay on in our clinic for a little while longer, in order to help us return him to full health and get him ready for his new life in Canada.

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